Dante's Cove

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    • Hat jemand schon mal was von dieser Serie gehört?

      Offizielle Beschreibung:
      Get ready for a triple shot of this decade's hottest, trashiest and most addictive gay drama series. The Dante's Cove three-pack contains every jaw-dropping thrill, each act of unspeakable debauchery and every ounce of delicious drama over all three seasons of this cult hit. Charting the supernatural goings on at Dante's Cove from its beginnings as a peaceful seaside town full of sexy men to a supernatural den, home to ever-more sinister acts and even-hotter residents, you won't want to miss a second of TV's ultimate guilty pleasure!

      Die Show hat bei Amazon UK generell sehr gute Bewertungen bekommen. Diese hier hat mich schliesslich überzeugt :D :

      This show is ridiculously, wonderfully bonkers!! I have never had so much fun watching a show in my life.

      As a straight woman I can only encourage *all* types of people to try this - other women take note...there are some of the best abs in the world on display here!

      I stumbled on the show by accident and have since bought the box set of all 3 seasons so I can wallow in its (inserting the tagline here!) "guilty pleasures". The storylines are a hoot and, having just watched the Season 3 finale, I can honestly say I'm counting the days until Season 4.

      OK so the acting levels do vary but most of the main cast are great and even those who are a bit shaky on the acting win you over with their sheer enthusiasm. There have never been more amazingly jaw dropping plot twists and fall over laughing one-liners in any single TV show. Straight, gay whatever you are, check this show out....it's pure escapism and a joy to tune into.

      Quelle: amazon.co.uk/Dantes-Cove-1-3-C…TF8&qid=1289826628&sr=1-3

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    • Ich find' die Kombi aus Trash, Gays aka hot men und nen Schuss "Supernatural" hört sich interessant an LOL

      Na ja, bei knapp 13 Pfund für alle drei Staffeln kann man ja auch nicht viel falsch machen. Ich hab mich einfach mal auf die positiven Bewertungen verlassen und die DVD's gestern zusammen mit SPN Season 5 bestellt. Ich bin gespannt :)