Falling Skies

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    • Ja zwei Teile waren es hier auch, allerdings gleich hintereinander gesendet - und wie ist es bei TNT D.? 1x9 und 1x10 an einem Tag (meinte ich eigentlich)?
      Und gleich wiederholt? Toll... ^^

      Hab gerade mal geguckt, ob es Quoten gibt - aber leider nicht....
      In Deutschland läuft die Serie „Falling Skies“ bei TNT Serie, das als Pay-TV-Sender jedoch keine Zuschauerzahlen veröffentlicht hat.
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      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.
    • Anscheinend hat man bei ProSieben Gefallen an den neuen Projekten aus dem Hause Stephen Spielberg gefunden, denn sowohl "Falling Skies" als auch der US-Neustart "Terra Nova" werden in Deutschland bei ProSieben ihre Free-TV Premiere haben. "Falling Skies" ist in Deutschland bereits im Pay-TV bei TNT Serie zu sehen, im direkten Anschluss an die US-Ausstrahlung und kann demnach frühesten ab 2012 bei ProSieben gesendet werden.

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    • boah, das ist ja ein toller teaser zu season 2.

      Hab zwar jetzt auch nur Folge 8 gesehen, aber die folge war hammerhart. Sogar meine Mutter ist ein Fan der Serie geworden und immer bevor die Ärztin herausfindet hat sie schon gesagt, die Skidders waren bestimmt früher auch Menschen und das die Skidders nicht die Feinde sind sondern eher die neuen Wesen die man kurz gesehen hat.

      Und die anderen, name fällt mir jetzt nicht ein, erinnern mich echt an die dreibeinigen herrscher. Bin mal gespannt wie es in folge 9 und später in folge 10 = finale passiert .0)
    • Die Mechs...ja dachte ich auch schon...oder auch an Krieg der Welten...da waren die Aliens ja auch so erbarmungslos und haben alles was sich bewegt hat erschossen...und was die Skitters betrifft, hat deine Mom nicht so ganz recht :whistling: ....aber wirst du schon noch sehen, mehr wird nicht verraten... *;)*

      Behind the scene pics von Season 1


      Interview mit Matt (Matt Rush über Season 1, also noch Spoiler inside....)
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      Ask Matt: Falling Skies, the End of Housewives and Eureka and More!

      Question: I just finished watching the season finale of Falling Skies and I am very happy the show got renewed for another season. I just hate that we have to wait until next summer before the show comes back on again. I have seen where people have described the show as boring. Did you think it was boring? I found it interesting and suspenseful that the audience did not know any more than the characters did about what was going on in their world. When we saw the bipedal aliens for the first time, it was a shock. We thought the Skitters were in charge, but it appears they were just drones. That was shocking to me. What did you think? The cast is great! Noah Wyle did an excellent job as Tom Mason. Colin Cunningham was perfectly cast as Pope, who's such is an interesting character. I was so happy to see Fringe's Blair Brown on the show. I hope Falling Skies continues for a long time. The summer shows are so good. I am not nearly as excited as I once was about the fall shows coming back. Which shows do you look forward to more, summer or fall? — Susan

      Matt Roush: Let's start with Falling Skies, which I never found boring. Overly earnest and preachy at times, yes, but there was always a tension afoot given the way the series was set up, thrusting us directly into the resistance movement against the aliens, and not stalling in the build-up to the attack the way V did. I agree that the reveal late in the season of the new aliens (presumably in charge) and the harnessed nature of the Skitters were good surprises. I was even OK with the Close Encounters nature of the season cliffhanger, though I gather some were put off by it. And you called out my favorite characters. This is by far Noah Wyle's best TV role since the glory days of ER, and Pope is a great foil. Hoping in Season 2 for there to be more unsettling cameos like the one Blair Brown performed so memorably. As for summer-vs-fall, it's not really an issue for me, because TV pretty much goes year-round anymore with barely a pause (except around the holidays), and there are high and low points in each period of the year. Summer is especially critical for cable networks to present many of their best signature shows while attempting to launch new ones, and there was a glut of them this year, while network TV takes a step back with very little to recommend. But soon, network TV will be back in full force, and as much as I enjoy many summer series, I'll be happy to welcome back the shows (from Modern Family to The Good Wife) that take us through much of the rest of the year. But back to Falling Skies, which has been especially prominent in my mailbag lately.

      Question: The more I watch Falling Skies, the more excited I get about its future. The way the first season ended opens a tremendous amount of potential directions for this show to move towards. I still believe that, at its heart, it's a mediocre show that is elevated by some wonderful performances and a creative over-arching storyline. Most of the supporting characters are one-dimensional archetypes: the empathetic doctor, the motorcycle chick, the hardened criminal who's never at a loss for clichéd wisecracks, etc. But at the same time, I can't imagine a better pick for the heart of the show than Noah Wyle. His character and performance are the highlights of the series. And surprisingly, I find myself enjoying Will Patton's Capt. Weaver, who at the outset looked like he was going to fall into a typical gruff commander stereotype, but was given some great development in the last few episodes. Nothing about the first season excited me enough to think that I needed to watch the entire series, but every episode made me want to watch the next one (if that makes any sense). What has been your opinion of the first season, and what is your outlook for the second? — Chris

      Matt Roush: What you're expressing here is ambivalence that accentuates the positive, and I get that. It's pretty much how I felt about the show through most of the season. Completely agree about the wooden acting in many of the stock supporting roles, which only accentuated the hokeyness at times. This never actually became appointment TV for me — in part because I moved around a lot this summer, and there are very few shows I've been able to keep up with regularly — which meant I tended to watch Skies in multiple-hour blocks, like a miniseries, and in that regard, it played well for me. I'm very curious where the show will go in its second season in the aftermath of Tom's Close Encounters experience, which I hope won't defuse the tension in the story's next act.

      Source: TVGuide (tvguide.com/News/Ask-Matt-Falling-Skies-1036392.aspx)

      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.

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