3.10 I Smell a Rat

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    • 3.10 I Smell a Rat

      Bill reveals to Sookie that she is part fairy.
      Sam has flashbacks to 2003, when he was a jewel thief and killed two people.
      Arlene asks Holly for help with her pregnancy after telling Terry that Rene is the baby's father. Holly reveals she is a Wiccan.
      Hoyt breaks up with Summer. Hoyt is attacked by Tommy in dog form, but Jessica saves him.
      Eric makes a will, leaving everything to Pam.
      Lafayette heals Calvin's injuries with V. Jesús and Lafayette do V together and, in their drug-induced state, see Jesús' grandfather, a sorcerer who dabbled in black magic.
      Jason confesses to Sookie and Tara that he killed Eggs. Jason learns that Crystal is a were-panther.
      Sookie goes to see Eric, who, after kissing her, locks her up in Fangtasia's dungeon.
      Russell picks up a male prostitute who resembles Talbot and stakes him.

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