Angepinnt Supernatural Spoiler Staffel 7

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    • Da mir die 6. bis auf wenige Ausnahmen (die es in jeder Staffel gab) prima gefallen hat, freue ich mich uneingeschränkt auf die neue season. Aber es sind immerhin noch verdammt lange 3!!! Monate! *seufz*

      What the hell?! I mean, normal people, they see a monster, and they run. But not us, no, no, no, we -- we search out things that want to kill us. Yeah? Huh?
      Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people! We...are insane!
    • Jensen Directing

      Jensen Ackles was in the writers office yesterday (June 22) and the assistant Rebecca Dessertine shared a picture with him and her book with us:

      Also, despite the info that Jensen’s episode would be the Second to be aired, The CW contacted Carina, from the site Zap2it and informed her that his episode will be actually the third one. The episode was written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, according to the portion of the Script that Jared Padalecki sent to a fan called Cari Parker.
      “Supernatural’s” Jensen Ackles Returns to the Director’s Chair

      “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles got his first taste of life behind the camera in Season 6, when he directed the fan favorite episode “Weekend at Bobby’s.” Ackles will return to the director’s chair in early July when the cast and crew returns to Vancouver to begin work on Season 7.

      Though Ackles’ episode is the first one that the “Supernatural” gang will shoot this summer, it will actually air as the third episode of the season, The CW confirms to Zap2it. The shooting order of the episodes was shifted in order to allow Ackles reasonable time to prepare. (The episode schedule was similarly rearranged last season to accommodate his directorial debut.)

      Speaking of prep time — judging by a tweet from Ackles’ co-star, Jared Padalecki, they’re cutting it closer than expected this year. “T-minus two weeks to shoot and I JUST got the first two scripts?” he wrote. “Who wants a copy? Please send fax numbers ”

      (He wasn’t kidding — one lucky fan checked her fax machine to find the cover page of the script, with a personal note in the margins.)

      Last season, Ackles directed an episode that focused heavily on Jim Beaver’s character, Bobby — meaning Ackles didn’t have to spend too much time directing scenes that he also acted in. This season, he may not have that luxury! We’re sure to hear much more about his second crack at directing at Comic-Con, where Ackles and Padalecki will headline the largest “Supernatural” panel that the convention has ever seen on Sunday, July 24.

      The episode is written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, who also wrote “Weekend at Bobby’s.”

      Hier gibts noch mehr Infos und das oben genannte Bild…nfo-on-jensens-directing/

      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.
    • 'Supernatural' season 7 spoilers: New theme and a new enemy?

      Supernatural ended its sixth season on a cliffhanger, and when it returns, Sam and Dean Winchester will have to deal with the fact that their angel friend, Castiel, is now the "new God," and having all that power is definitely not a good thing.

      Next season's theme

      According to TVLine, the theme for season 7 has been revealed by Sera Gamble: "We had everyone on the writing staff watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. [Executive producer] Bob [Singer], [series creator] Eric [Kripke] and I were really hungry to capture some of that cowboy, outlaw spirit for Sam and Dean [next season]." Now that sounds like one fun theme.

      Based on this and the Supernatural spoilers about what's coming up for the Winchesters next season, it's no surprise that the next logical thought is that Sam and Dean will be on the run from Castiel, but Gamble has hinted at possible redemption for the once-Angel, now-God: "I would consider Cas, in the last few minutes of the finale, to have been transformed. We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can't be uncrossed. But we examine those things in terms of Sam and Dean. They have a tremendous capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have redemption." It does seem pretty hard to come back from becoming the new God and telling your (possibly now former) friends that you're not family and if they don't "profess their love" for you, you'll destroy them.

      Is there hope for Castiel? He has already killed Balthazar and Raphael (and the parallel to Lucifer killing Castiel with a snap of the fingers was chilling) and has stated he has plans for Crowley and Raphael's followers. What will Castiel have done when season 7 begins? When will season 7 begin? Seasons 2 and 5 picked up right where 1 and 4 ended, while there were time jumps between seasons 2 and 3, 3 and 4, and the biggest jump (one year) between 5 and 6. How much more will Castiel have done in his new form? Will the Winchesters be able to figure out how to stop him - whether that's killing him or getting rid of all that power he now has? If they have to resort to killing him, what can kill him? The angel blade obviously has no effect anymore, as Sam, Dean, and Bobby learned in the last minutes of "The Man Who Knew Too Much."


      Und was neues zu Cas....

      'Supernatural' Season 7: Misha Collins to return as your Lord Castiel

      In case there was any doubt remaining -- yes, "Supernatural" fans, our favorite feathery friend will be back for Season 7. Along with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, The CW lists Misha Collins as a series regular for the upcoming season, which will begin airing on Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST (its current timeslot) this fall.

      Though Collins was listed in The CW's press release, TVLine reports that he is not listed as a regular in Season 7. He will, however, return in some capacity.

      He's not the little angel on Dean's shoulder anymore, though. Now that he's absorbed all of the souls in Purgatory, Castiel is officially a God. We're not sure whether he's the one and only, or if there's still another God hiding out somewhere... perhaps looking something like Chuck? What we do know is that for now, Castiel expects Sam and Dean to treat him a little differently.

      "I'm your new God," he said coldly. "A better one. so you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your lord, or I shall destroy you."

      We don't doubt it, either. Though Castiel ultimately beat Raphael, he kept Crowley around, making ominous threats about plans for him. He also proved his ruthessness in the episode when he nearly turned Sam into a vegetable in his quest for the ultimate power. Dean isn't likely to forgive Castiel for that move any time soon, and it's clear that Sam still has a lot of healing to do before he gets his bearings back.

      One thing is for sure -- Castiel has changed, big time. We spoke with E.P. Ben Edlund recently, and he told us that the decision to "turn" Cas wasn't an easy one. "I had my hesitations," he admits, "because I like the fish-out-of-water, dumb jokes, and I like Cas. I like the thing on camera that Misha created that complemented this new strain of creature, this angel coming into our world and gave a body and character to it. That's a really great thing. But one of the rules of 'Supernatural' is loss, and losing things. You have to love something before you can feel its loss."

      Showrunner Sera Gamble tells TV Line that though Collins is a regular, Castiel's role in the story was never intended to be as constant as Sam's and Dean's. "When it comes to 'Supernatural,' our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean," she says. "We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him."

      Source: Zap2it

      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.
    • JAred hat auch getwittert

      @jarpadJared Padalecki

      Good news, just landed in Canada for season 7! Bad news-apparently they don't like me in their country... so much for a warm welcome back...

      ER hat das vor 7 Std gepostet, das würde ja die Vermutung unterstreichen, dass sie morgen anfangen, wenn er heute gekommen ist ^^

      ~aus dem Battle mit Nessa~
    • EXCLUSIVE: 'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins Talks Castiel's Role in Season 7

      The CW's 'Supernatural' has spent six years defying audience expectations and gleefully leaving us on the edge of our seats with every season finale, but last season's climactic close proved to be one of the most shocking yet.

      Fan-favorite character Castiel (Misha Collins) pulled a dirty double cross in the last few episodes, revealing an unholy alliance with the demon Crowley for dominion over purgatory ... and let's just say that the finale didn't leave Cas and the Winchesters on the best of terms.

      I recently had the privilege of traveling to Haiti with Collins and his charity, Random Acts, for a life-changing voluntary excursion (we'll have an in-depth feature on the trip next week), but during our wide-ranging interview, I couldn't resist slipping in a couple of questions about his status next season, and his response to the outpouring of fan support for his character. FULL INTERVIEW HERE
      LG angelinchains

    • Ehrlich gesagt, ist es mir total wurscht, ob die gestern, heute oder morgen zu drehen anfangen - Hauptsache, sie drehen. *cool* *;)*

      What the hell?! I mean, normal people, they see a monster, and they run. But not us, no, no, no, we -- we search out things that want to kill us. Yeah? Huh?
      Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people! We...are insane!
    • Warum holen die ständig ehemalige Darsteller / Ex-Charas wieder?

      Es nervt echt nur noch! Und dann auch noch einen so langweiligen und farblosen Chara wie Jo. Wenn die umbedingt Tote wieder auferstehen lassen müssen, dann wenigstens interessante Figuren wie Gab/Trickster, Balthasar, Bela oder Ruby.