Angepinnt Supernatural Spoiler Staffel 8

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    • PRE-FINALE EPISODES | Sam may look strong, but he's at his lowest point. "The further along in the trials, the worse he feels," previews executive producer Jeremy Carver. That "culminating" effect is "explored in more detail as we move forward." The tests also have another unexpected consequence: They're somehow related — and "not in a very good way" — to several blasts from the past, including the return of Taylor Cole's art gallery owner Sarah Blake. On the angel front, Cas is back with "protecting the tablet and Heaven very much at the forefront of his mind," while the Winchesters seek the help of Metatron (played by Moonlighting's Curtis Armstrong), the reclusive scribe of God. As for Sam and Dean, who didn't start the season on the same page but became united in their goal to close the gates of Hell, the brothers are "going to start to really ask themselves and deal with all sides of the question of, 'How far are you willing to go to get revenge?'"

      MAY 15 SEASON FINALE | As the boys' quest and the mytharc escalates, "There are a lot of intersecting plots and personal motivations that are going to come to a head," teases Carver, adding that "several things will be changed forever." Could one new mythology element introduced this season, the Men of Letters, be a part of the finale? After all, it seems Abaddon is back. Plus, Carver tells TVLine, "We will absolutely see the positive and negative effects of being legacies." And yes, there will be "a few" cliffhangers, so prepare yourselves for a long summer.
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    • "Supernatural": The hug between the Winchesters in last week's episode marked a turning point for them -- and a return to the sort of solid bond they haven't had in a few seasons. "Given how the boys reunited at the beginning of this season, not on the best terms, the one thing that did unite them was this sense of revenge against Crowley and the demons," says executive producer Jeremy Carver. "Now, we're going to see things start moving pretty quickly and pretty wildly. A lot of balls in the air. The boys are really going to be constantly confronted with the idea of, 'Okay, we want revenge, but how far are we willing to go? How much are we willing to sacrifice?'" It's a theme that drove them when "Supernatural" began, and we'll find them looking at the question in a new light toward the finale. via
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    • "Supernatural": Just because Crowley stole the Angel tablet from Castiel's ribcage doesn't mean Naomi's going to give up her hunt -- or her grip on Castiel. Look to learn much more about her motives in the final two episodes of the season. "You're definitely going to see much more of Naomi," executive producer Jeremy Carver says. "I think what we have now is a slightly incomplete picture of who this angel is and what she wants. I think that is something that will continue to be refined."

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