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    • After:the Series

      What Happens “After”? || A New Series

      Ivan Hayden is a bit of a visionary. He’s also full of energy, has a wicked sense of humor and a genuine love for his field of work. It’s contagious.

      Remember “Divine:The Series“? Amazing piece of work that you should see if you haven’t. Well, a lot of the creative minds behind “Divine” have spawned another series, “After:the Series”.

      “The After is not what we were led to believe in life. It is much, much worse.
      From the makers of Divine the Series, a new show featuring Robin Dunne.”

      When we arrived at the set of “After” we were warmly welcomed by a busy crew. I don’t know much about film sets having only been on them a few times but this one seemed to be working like clock work. People were smiling, joking, then someone would call for quiet and everyone would get serious. READ MORE and SEE MORE PICTURES HERE

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