2014 JiBCon V - 23. - 25.05 Mai, Rom

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    • Hi guys!
      We hope that your holidays have been great! Adjusting to normal life is not easy that's why we want to give you some nice news to cheer you up!.
      It's announcement time again and this time we provide you another wonderful actor and a fantastic musician to keep you company next May.
      Considering all the emails you've sent to us in these past months about them and how much you'd like to have them back we're sure you'll be very happy to know thatSebastian Roché and Jason Manns will join us once more as our 8th regular guestand our musical guest!
      [IMG:http://www.jusinbello.it/immagini/guests/sebastianguest2013_2.jpg] [IMG:http://www.jusinbello.it/immagini/guests/jasonguest.jpg]

      Thanks to both Jason and Sebastian for choosing to be back with all of us, we will surely have a lot of fun all together like we've had these past years!
      All details about booking photo ops and autographs for them and all other announced guests will come in the next week so stay tuned.
      And if you haven't sent your preference for guests you'd like to meet at JIBCON 5 drop us an email and we will add your preference to the mix, we still have some places to fill with your favorite people!
      JIB Staff
    • Hi everyone!
      We've got news about single photo ops and autographs for Jason, Matt, Richard, Rob, Sebastian, Ty.

      Booking available from 3.00pm on Saturday September 28th.
      PHOTO OP: minimum contribution 35€ to be sent within 3 days for every photo op of each of them.
      AUTOGRAPH: minimum contribution 20€ to be sent within 3 days (1 autograph of each guest is included in ANGEL, DEMON and HUNTER passes. SINNER PASS does not include any autograph).
      FOR JASON:
      Booking available from 3.00pm on Saturday September 28th.
      PHOTO OP: minimum contribution 20€ to be sent within 3 days.
      AUTOGRAPH: minimum contribution 15€ to be sent within 3 days (No pass type includes this autograph but Jason will sign new CDs for free).
      SATURDAY NIGHT ACTIVITY: minimum contribution 15€ to be sent within 3 days (it's included in ANGEL, DEMON passes. While SINNER and HUNTER need to book it).

      We wish to remind everyone that bookings cannot be cancelled after they've been placed. Sending a request and not completing it means the staff will have to take measures. So please consider this and to avoid problems send bookings only if you intend to stick to them.
      Also please don't sent the same request more than once, if you do be aware that we will consider all multiple requests as new ones and you will have to complete them all.
      JIB Staff

    • Hi guys!
      So what do you say about a surprise before Prophet Pass auctions starting tomorrow?
      We've asked you who you'd like to meet next May, you've given us your opinions and as you can see we are always willing to try and follow them! And yes we're talking guests here!
      Many of you have asked about this new guest since the news come out he would join the cast, even before seeing him, and many more have reached out for us to get him after season 9 premiere, so we are really happy to be announcing as JIBCON 5 10th guest the new angel Ezechiel aka the charming Mr.

      Like us you've probably been fans of his from other great shows he has done in the past so you will be as delighted as we are that he has accepted to join us next May. And we're sure you will help us making him feel at home and welcome in our JIBCON family!
      Have a great weekend you all and happy bidding to those who are trying their luck!
      Jibcon staff
      PS for your other guest preferences don't worry we're working on them too!
    • Das ist aber ein netter neuer Gast für die JIB. ich irre mich doch nicht dass er lange bei Battlestar Galactica mitgespielt hat? Ist ja schon ein lecker Kerlchen *:D* Just Sayin´ *;)*
      Liebe Grüße, Tanja

      Avatar & Sig by angel- Daaaanke für das tolle Set

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    • Hi everyone!
      Ok what do you say if we tell you we are going to announce another special guest for JIBCON 5?
      You wanted for us bring new faces to the convention and as always we listen to your suggestions so here we are with the 11th guest!
      We're sure you'll be very happy because you've liked him from the start and in our poll you've voted for him with true passion.
      And we are glad you did because we are sure he is going to be a great addition to JIBCON 5 and we are very pleased to be presenting to you the lovely

      So what do you say? Are you waiting even more eagerly for May 2014?
      And usually with the 11th guest we would close our guest list but as this is the year of wonders maybe there will be some other surprises in the future...
      JIB staff
    • Hello everyone!
      Here we are again with a big surprise, are you ready?
      You have been so supportive and so amazing all this year that we feel the need to say thank you, and there's no better way to do that than to give you another very special guest that you've been asking for in the last months!
      So far we have humans, prophets, angels and even a vampire but we have been missing demons in our guest list and who could fill that void better than our favorite bad guy, the new King of Hell?
      Therefore welcome at JIBCON 5 the 12th guest, the great MARK SHEPPARD!

      Have we managed to say thanks adequately? We really hope so!
      You will find all news about the extras for Mark in the next weeks on the website.
      JIB staff
    • Hello guys
      here we are with news about the extras for Mark and the Sunday Night entertainment.
      You will be able to book them starting Saturday November 30th at 3.00pm (Rome timezone).
      In the same day and at the same time you will be able to book the very limited Trio Photo op with guests as announced before HERE.
      To book your extras you have to send just one request specifying all the extras you want (photo ops, autographs, M&G all together in one booking) and if Trio photo op are involved you have to follow the rules you find here.
      If you send multiple emails for the same request you will have to complete them all.
      FOR MARK
      PHOTO OP: Minimum contribution 35€ to be sent within 3 days.
      AUTOGRAFO: Minimum contribution 20€ to be sent within 3 days. (Mark is a special guest so his autographs are not included in any pass, whomever wants 1 autograph need to book it.)
      M&G: Minimum contribution without installments 115€ to be sent within 3 days. Minimum contribution with installments 60€ to be sent within 3 days and 60€ to be sent within December 20th. (Mark is a special guest so Prophet Pass doesn't include this meet&greet.)
      Minimum contribution 15€ to be sent within 3 days. (Prophet, Angel and Demon Passes include this)
    • Hello people!
      We hope you have had great holidays and the new year has started of perfectly for everyone.
      To help along make it interesting for someone we can tell you we have 4 invitation passes back for some of you who wish to attend JIBCON 5.
      We currently have:
      1 Angel Pass (minimum contribution 425€) )
      3 Hunter Passes (minimum contribution 115€)
      If you are interested in getting one of these invitations you can send an email tostaff@jusinbello.it at 3.00pm (Rome Time Zone) on Saturday January 25th (all requests coming before the correct starting time will be discarded)
      4) DATE OF BIRTH
      You will need to send your full contribution within 3 days after sending your request.
      We're sorry but it's not possible to request an upgrade for the Angel Pass if you already have another invitation. (As said before waiting lists for upgrades were cancelled because we didn't foresee having any other pass to offer and with previous changes all lists were no longer up to date)
      Please do remember that it's only 4 invitation passes and quite a lot of people can be interested so if you cannot get one we are sorry but there is nothing we can do. The passes will be assigned to the first 4 requests we get.
      Thank you and have a great week end!
      JIB Staff
    • Hello girls and guys,
      finally here we are with news for most awaited news about "ROMAN HOLIDAY"!
      For information on what "Roman Holiday" is and how it works, here is a link to get all the explanations.
      Sure guests attending the tour will be Misha, Mark, Matt, Osric, Richard, Rob,Sebastian, Tahmoh, Ty and Jason.
      You will be able to send your requests BY EMAIL ( staff@jusinbello.it) on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15th FROM 3.00 PM ROME TIME ZONE.
      In your email you need to specify:
      Surname and Name
      Email address
      Complete address
      Your Pass Number
      Please don't send multiple requests for the same booking or we will be forced to automatically exclude you! And please give us at least one day to reply to you!.
      You can book for yourself only meaning only 1 person per email (if you want to book for a friend too you need to send 2 emails, 1 with your details and 1 with your friend's). We understand you want to go with your friends but at the same time we want for everyone to have a chance and having emails requesting more than 1 place would make that difficult.
      As you know available places are very limited so please understand that most probably we won't be able to have one for each of you who wish to join the activity.
      We hate to disappoint any of you but we cannot do miracles, so please be very aware that places will be assigned by request arriving order and if you don't get one it simply means someone else was faster and luckier than you!
      Required contribution will be of 555€ if you send it wholly within 3 days or you will be able to split it in 2 times like this: 280€ within 3 days and 280€ within the 10th of March.
      Please do remember that Roman Holiday cannot be handed to someone else for any reason even if you cannot take part in it any longer.
      Hopefully we are preparing another unforgettable tour in a very interesting place in the center of Rome, to spend time in the historical heart of the city, this mean we would need to leave the Hilton Hotel quite early on Friday morning due to the traffic jam we could incur into, so before deciding to join Roman Holiday consider that starting hour on Friday May 23rd 2014 will surely be set between 6.30 AM and 7.00 AM and if you cannot be there on time you will miss it.
      Once arrived at destination the actual guided visit will last around 2 hours and then you will be escorted back to the Hilton Hotel before regular convention activities start.
      Thank you.
      JIB Staff

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    • Hi guys!
      Finally we're here with the so awaited schedule for the convention! You find it HERE, you don't need to print it because we will hand it to you at registration desk with everything else from pass to convention booklet.
      Please do remember that convention is a live event so this schedule can be modified for unforeseen reasons at any time before or at the convention, hence once at the Hilton pay attention to the timetables that will be posted before the various rooms and to the announcements that the staff will do for any change (announcements can be either spoke or written on available monitors). We also wish to remind you that JIBCON 5 is a 3 days event so to be sure you can have all your autographs and photo ops you need to be here the whole 3 days, not 1 day or a part of 1 day.
      If you miss some activities because you were not there when the staff announced the change we won't take responsibility.
      Jibcon staff
    • So, ich geh gleich zum Friseur, damit die Friese sitzt, dann wird gepackt und morgen früh um *stöhn* 6:35 geht mein Flieger!

      Große Lust hab ich leider immer noch nicht, hab grad wieder einen Arthritis-Schub und üble Schmerzen. Außerdem habe ich keine Antwort bekommen, ob ich Prio in der Schlange bekomme, weil ich nicht länger stehen kann. Na ja, mal sehen.
      Ich freu mich allerdings TIERISCH, alle meine Freunde wiederzusehen. Das wird sicher toll. Und ich freu mich auf Mark und die Schauspieler, die ich noch nicht kenne. Und der Rest der Con mit dem ganzen Wahnsinn ist dann ja vielleicht gar nicht so wichtig.
    • Ich bin auch schon ganz hibbelig. Koffer packe ich morgen. Ich kann leider, wegen der Kids, erst am Freitag fliegen.

      Aber ich freue mich auch schon auf ein geniales Wochenende. Mark Sheppard habe ich auch noch nie getroffen. Na und dann natürlich Jensen. Immer wieder! :love:

      @PurpleNurple: Frag doch bei der Registrierung einfach noch mal. Du hast doch sicherlich einen Ausweis, oder? Ich denke nicht, das es da ein Problem gibt.