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    • Basierend auf der Figur des US Marshall Raylan Givens aus Romanen von Elmore Leonard (der auch als executive producer fungiert) spielt diese Serie in der tiefsten Provinz von Kentucky.
      Givens, gespielt von Timothy Oliphant, wird nach einem Vorfall von Miami in seine alte Heimat strafversetzt.
      Given ist eher ein Cowboy alter Schule, dessen Meinung zum Schusswaffengebrauch sich recht einfach auf eine Formel bringen läßt: If anyone draws on me, shooting him is justified. Daher auch der Serientitel.
      In Kentucky muss sich Givens mit Redneck-Nazis, alten Flammen, alten Freunden, alten Feinden und den skeletons in his own closet auseinandersetzen.

      Staffel eins ist fertig, zwei soll kommen.

      Ich mußte dem Piloten eine gute halbe Stunde geben, bis ich "drin" war und mir die Sache Spass gemacht hat, aber dann war's wirklich toll.

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    • Justified |
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      Now that you’ve met Ellstin Limehouse (played by Boomtown‘s Mykelti Williamson), you may wonder what sort of fresh hell he’ll stir up for Boyd, with whom he is about to have the not-the-friendliest of pow-wows. “He’s like the Godfather of ‘the other side of the tracks,’ and Ava has a past with him,” Joelle Carter told me. “If [Ellstin and Boyd] cross each other, it will be hard for Ava, because her loyalty is with Boyd now but she has this past with this man who really helped her out at a time when she needed it.” Detailing Ava’s backstory with the baddie, Carter shared, “A lot of the women who get battered, when seeking refuge, would go to that part of town, because the men wouldn’t follow them [there] — and Limehouse in particular would protect them.”
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    • Episode 3.03 - Harlan Roulette - Interview with Graham Yost

      Episode 3.12 is called "Coalition"

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      When a wide range of villains hear of $3.2Million in cash is in a safe deposit box waiting to be taken illegally, Raylan sees this as the opportune moment to bring down Dickie, Boyd and Quarles... All. In. One. Go! Sounds like a season finale sort of storyline to me!


      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.

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    • Question: I really love Justified, but I am wondering what will happen with Winona and her pregnancy. I just have a hard time imagining Raylan with a baby on his lap in the future. Any scoop on that front? —Muriel
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      Ausiello: That story takes a surprising turn at the tail end of Episode 5 (airing Feb. 14) when Raylan comes home after a long day’s work and find something very spoilery waiting for him.

      Question: Some Justified scoop, pretty please? —Bea
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      Ausiello: Also in Episode 5, Raylan does something to a woman he has never done before. Scoop on the identity of said woman can be found here Klick


      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.
    • What the hell is up with the Justified promo?! Is Dewey going to die?! — RN
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      Watch your language. Now, let me tell you about next week’s f—— awesome episode. 1) It’s pretty gross, especially the first few minutes. 2) It’s probably one of my favorite “cases” ever because it’s so gross. 3) Dewey **** on the floor in the backroom of a convenience store.


      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.
    • I just read that Natalie Zea was cast in Kevin Williamson’s new pilot. Are they killing off Winona!? If you can’t say, anything you can say about the Justified finale? — Ellen
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      Well, what I have to say about the finale won’t soothe you one bit. As the season comes to a close, someone will, in fact, be killed. And while executive producer Graham Yost won’t say who, he shares: “It provides an engine for Raylan to get the bad guy. That becomes the drive for the last episode. The last episode is get Quarles. I’ll tell you that. How that plays out with Quarles, and Raylan, and Limehouse, and Boyd, and Arlo — that’s our season.” Yeah, things aren’t looking good for Raylan’s squeeze. Although, EW’s Mandi Bierly, who does weekly chats with Yost, theorizes Zea might be safer than we think, considering Yost assured her earlier this season that the pregnancy would not be threatened. “We talked about it, but we quickly made the decision that we don’t want to get into that territory…. We’re not gonna put a gun to her belly, and we’re not gonna have her in a car accident or anything like that,” he said at the time. Let the theorizing begin!
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      Network Orders 13 Episodes for Fourth Season from
      FX Productions and Sony Pictures Television

      Six All-New Episodes Remain in Season Three, Tuesdays at 10 PM ET/PT
      With Season Three Finale Airing April 10

      Season Three (First-Run) Averaging 4.3 Million Total Viewers and 2.1 Million Adults 18-49
      Marking Gains of +8% in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49 vs. Season Two Average

      LOS ANGELES, March 6, 2011 – FX has ordered 13 episodes for season four of its Emmy® Award-winning hit drama series Justified, announced Nick Grad, FX Executive Vice President of Original Programming. Six all new episodes remain in season three, airing Tuesdays at 10 PM ET/PT, with the third season finale airing April 10.

      “Justified is one of television’s best series and this season has reinforced that excellence,” said Grad. “Graham Yost and his writing team continue to deliver compelling material and richly drawn characters brought to life by the brilliance of Timothy Olyphant and our terrific ensemble cast. Their work is validated by universal acclaim, awards, and ratings that have grown every year. We look forward to many more seasons to come.”

      Developed for television by Graham Yost and starring Timothy Olyphant, Justified (TV-MA) is based on the popular Elmore Leonard character “Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens” from his short story Fire in the Hole and some of his other novels.

      "There are many reasons all of us on Justified are grateful to get a chance to do another season,” said Yost. “We get to do more work with amazing actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians, editors and a jaw-droppingly talented crew. We get to keep doing a show that appeals to a wide demographic: people in Harlan, retired US Marshals, criminals (we honestly did hear that), and, most happily, our guide, our muse, Elmore Leonard. Best of all, we get to keep doing a show on FX (and while that may sound like craven ass-kissing, when you look at their roster, you can't help but feel grateful to be on that list)."

      “Graham’s modern day take on the western and masterful storytelling have helped bring the genre to the forefront,” said John Westphal, Senior Vice President, US. current programming, Sony Pictures Television. “The storytelling and performances brought to life by Tim Olyphant, Walton Goggins and the rest of the cast, continue to elevate the series season after season.”

      Through seven weeks, first-run episodes of season 3 of Justified are averaging 4.3 million viewers (+8% vs. season 2) and 2.1 million Adults 18-49 (+8% vs. season 2). The weekly multi-run average viewership for the season 3 is 7.0 million total viewers and 3.4 million Adults 18-49.

      Justified airs its eighth episode tonight, titled “Watching the Detectives” (10 PM ET/PT). A shocking murder forces Raylan to confront his past mistakes. Boyd grapples with Harlan's corrupt sheriff.

      The series co-stars Walton Goggins as Raylan’s old nemesis/friend “Boyd Crowder,” Nick Searcy as Givens longtime friend and boss “Chief Deputy Art Mullen,” Jacob Pitts as “Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson,” Erica Tazel as “Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks,” Joelle Carter as “Ava Crowder,” and Natalie Zea as Raylan’s ex-wife “Winona Hawkins.” After Margo Martindale won an Emmy Award for her guest-starring role in season two as the evil matriarch “Mags Bennett,” this season brings Neal McDonough as Detroit businessman “Robert Quarles” and Mykelti Williamson as the mysterious “Limehouse” to face off against Raylan Givens.

      Yost wrote the pilot and serves as Executive Producer/Writer on the series. Leonard is an Executive Producer on the series along with Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Michael Dinner and Fred Golan, and Olyphant is a Producer. Justified is produced by FX Productions and Sony Pictures Television.

      FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network from Fox. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 98 million homes. The diverse schedule includes a growing roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning hit dramas series including Sons of Anarchy, Justified and American Horror Story, and acclaimed hit comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Louie, Archer and Wilfred. Its library of acquired box-office hit movies is unmatched by any ad-supported television network. The network's other offerings include the acquired hit series Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother, and live sports with college football and the UFC. For more information about FX, visit our web site at FXnetworks.com.

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      It takes forever to find yourself
      But it only takes one second
      to forget who you are.