Parker - The Thief

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    • Parker - The Thief

      A shadowy past as an orphan and a fear of horses hasn’t stood in the way of this diminutive thief. She’s bright and sharp, but she’s also a little off-center, seeing the world from a sometimes warped point of view. Parker can fit into a small space, climb a wall or rappel off a roof without any fear. She’s also amazingly skilled disappearing in a moment’s notice. During the first season, Parker came face-to-face with her past when she helped rescue a group of children from a horrible orphanage being used as a front for weapon sales.

    • Sophie Devereaux - The Grifter

      nstage, Sophie is the worst actress imaginable. But when she’s in the middle of a con and playing a character opposite real people, she can give a performance that pulls the wool over just about anyone’s eyes. Sophie is beautiful and sophisticated, and she has more than just a passing fancy for Nate. But their past relationship seems to be water under the bridge, which is why she has taken a new boyfriend as the show begins its second season. The team relies on her skills, such as her ability to speak six languages and fake 12 more. But they are also cautious about trusting her too much, especially after she tried to con her team members out of a priceless work of art.