2.05 Never Let Me Go

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    • 2.05 Never Let Me Go

      Tara's birthday party is still in full swing as Sam follows Daphne out into the woods, where she reveals to him that she is a shapeshifter too. They start to make out, but are interrupted by Terry and Arlene and Daphne wanders off.

      In Dallas, Sookie chases Barry and he tells her that if any of the Dallas vampires find out about his abilities, it would mean serious trouble for both of them. After Bill reprimands her for ordering a young man off of the Carmilla Hotel menu, Jessica calls Hoyt and the two share a conversation about comic books.

      At the Light of Day Institute, Jason and the others are put through an intensive training course by Sarah and a very demanding drill instructor. When Luke has trouble completing one of the exercises, Jason helps him out and is commended for being a real soldier of God.
      Meanwhile, Sookie tries to connect with Barry one more time and learns that he is ashamed of his abilities and cannot control his telepathy the way she can. Even though she offers to teach him, Barry tells her to leave him alone.

      Maryann continues to stir up trouble in Bon Temps after trying to move into Sookie’s house with Tara, who rebuffs her. She casts her spell upon the patrons of Merlotte’s, turning them all against Tara and making her feel isolated and alone. Eventually, Tara invites Maryann to live at Sookie’s house with her.

      In Dallas, the Louisiana gang come a step closer to solving the mystery of Godric’s disappearance when Sookie offers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun by posing as a convert in order to see if they are the ones holding Godric. Bill disapproves of the plan and, after asking Eric why he is so invested in finding Godric, Eric reveals that centuries ago Godric saved him from death by turning him into a vampire and becoming Eric’s maker.

      After walking in on Steve and Sarah having an argument, Steve shows Jason the seriousness of their mission in the form of a bunker full of serious weapons. Sarah later approaches Jason in the bath tub and “rewards” him for his hard work by giving him a handjob.

      Lafayette is given his job back as the Merlotte's cook, Sam and Daphne have sex and Sookie is sad to learn that Barry has quit his job and Bill tries to comfort her. As they start to make love, a woman appears in the hallway outside their room. It is Bill's maker, Lorena.

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