2.06 Hard-Hearted Hannah

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    • 2.06 Hard-Hearted Hannah

      Godric’s minion, Isabel, drops in on Bill and Sookie with her human boyfriend, Hugo. He and Sookie prepare to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun. Eric, meanwhile, has summoned Lorena to the hotel in order to drive Bill and Sookie apart and, while there, Lorena ruminates on her and Bill’s violent past together.

      Sam and Daphne continue to grow closer, both physically and emotionally.
      During one of Maryann's errands, Eggs senses something familiar about the environment, and leads himself and Tara to a remote spot in the woods. The two suspect that something bad has happened there.
      Hoyt tells his mother that his girlfriend is a vampire.
      Andy interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance and threatens to lock him up. Lafayette then has horrible flashbacks of being locked up and collapses into a ball. He is comforted by Andy’s cousin Terry.

      Luke and Jason are summoned to the Fellowship Church to build a crucifix platform for a ceremony called “meet the sun”, in which a vampire will be tied to the cross just before dawn and left to burn in the sun. While talking with Luke, Jason somewhat hesitantly decides to practice abstinence.

      Sookie and Hugo are greeted at the church by Sarah, who introduces them to Steve; it doesn't take Sookie long to find out that the Newlins have a vampire locked in the basement. After meeting Gabe, the drill instructor, Sookie reads Steve’s thoughts and finds out that someone has tipped off the Fellowship about their mission; both Sookie and Hugo are captured and dragged into the basement, with a teary-eyed Sarah watching on helplessly.

      Pam visits Lafayette and orders him to start dealing V again. Sam and Daphne go on a shape-shifting run together, with Daphne shifting into a pig. They are chased by Andy, who thinks he recognizes the pig from one of Maryann’s parties.

      Lorena drops in on Bill who tries to resist her, sensing Sookie is in grave danger, but Lorena, also knowing that Sookie is in danger, overpowers him.
      Hoyt drives all the way to Dallas to visit Jessica.

      Tara and Eggs return to Sookie’s house, where following a trail of clothes they find some of the townspeople taking part in an orgy organized by Maryann. Tara witnesses Maryann in her blurry supernatural state.

      At the church, Sarah turns to Jason for help, saying that they were meant to be together. Jason tries to resist, but she convinces him that it's God's will and they end up having sex on the balcony.

      Daphne tries to lead Sam towards the orgy, but he is hesitant about the drum music. Two people jump out of the woods and grab Sam, dragging him to the orgy, where he sees the ritual (which now includes Tara and Eggs, also in trance-induced sex) taking place. Daphne helps Maryann into a bull’s head mask and Carl approaches with a sacrificial knife. Sam lets out a blood-curdling scream for help that ends the episode.

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