2.07 Release Me

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    • 2.07 Release Me

      Still drunk, Andy chases the pig through the woods and stumbles upon Maryann’s orgy. He fires his pistol, partially breaking the trance Maryann has induced, giving Sam the opportunity to escape. Andy breaks up the orgy and his arm is broken by Terry, who is still under Maryann’s influence.

      In the basement of the L.O.D.I, Sookie realizes someone must have tipped off the Fellowship about their mission.
      While at the hotel, Lorena will still not allow Bill to go to Sookie’s rescue. Flashbacks show Bill tired of killing innocents, and he asks to be released from Lorena. She reluctantly complies after he threatens to stake himself.

      Outside the church, Eric asks Isabel what she likes about being with a human. She says it is because their mortality makes everything exciting, but it is a sort of "science experiment" to see Hugo age. Isabel accuses Eric of coveting Sookie, which he denies.

      Jason convinces Sarah not to tell her husband about their affair and she agrees to wait. Hoyt and Jessica decide to be each other's first time.

      Stan confronts Eric about not dealing with the Fellowship more directly, and Eric accuses him of murdering Godric to claim his place as Sheriff.

      The next morning, Tara and Eggs wake up on Sookie’s couch and neither can remember how they got there.

      As Steve and Gabe interrogate Sookie, a claustrophobic Hugo desperately reveals that her last name is Stackhouse. Deciding that Jason must be a vampire sympathizer, Steve tells Gabe to take care of it, but Jason manages to overpower him.

      Later, Sookie reads a weakened Hugo's mind and discovers he is the traitor.

      Sam confronts Daphne and she explains to him that Maryann is a Maenad, an immortal creature from ancient Greece that is a follower of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry. They have immense power and Daphne likens her to both God and Satan.

      Church goers arrive at the Light of Day church for a “lock in”.

      Arlene admits that she blacked out too, which causes Tara to become suspicious of Maryann.
      Andy tries to confront Terry at Merlotte's, raving about "devil-worshipers" and "devil-zombies" who turned Bon Temps into an "orgy from hell", but Sam is the only one who knows he is telling the truth.

      At the hotel Hoyt and Jessica consummate their love.

      As Jason is fleeing the L.O.D.I through the woods, Sarah shows up and shoots him with an unknown weapon.

      At the stream, Maryann thanks Daphne for her services, then makes Eggs kill her.

      Sookie reaches out to Barry telepathically and he shows up at the hotel with her message. Eric overhears and races for the church. Gabe bursts into the basement, beats up Hugo and attempts to rape Sookie, but at the last second he is pulled off by none other than Godric.

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