2.08 Timebomb

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    • 2.08 Timebomb

      Under Godric's orders, Eric and Sookie struggle to leave the Fellowship compound without bloodshed, but they are surrounded by Steve Newlin and his followers.
      At the Carmilla hotel Bill escapes from Lorena and orders the amorous Jessica and Hoyt back to Bon Temps.
      Jason overpowers Sarah Newlin and along with Bill he creates a stalemate with Newlin's mob. The mob is overwhelmed by Stan and the Dallas vampires, but Godric appears and orders a peaceful end to the conflict.

      Meanwhile in Bon Temps, Sam Merlotte is lured to his bar to find Daphne murdered. The police arrive and jail him with Maryann's revelers despite Andy Bellefleur's outlandish corroboration. At Sookie's house Maryann feeds Tara and Eggs a meal made from Daphne's heart, which drives the couple into a violent and sexual frenzy.

      After they arrive at the Compton manor Jessica and Hoyt's lovemaking is interrupted by the realization that Jessica's hymen has regenerated to its virginal state.

      At Godric's Dallas nest the vampires and Stackhouses recover from the conflict with the Fellowship of the Sun. Godric shares his nonviolent ideals with Eric and banishes Hugo out of mercy and Lorena out of contempt. A mysterious intruder is revealed to be Luke, who has a suicide bomb wrapped in silver chains and bullets. He pushes the detonator.

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    • Ich glaub einer meiner Lieblingsfolgen *cool*
      Jason mit der Paintball Pistole war einfach zu genial! :love:
      Daphne hat mir leid getan *angst* und auch Sam.
      Irgendwie hat er doch schon sehr an ihr gehangen.
      Und ich sag nur Hunterspie. *krass*

      Aber Highlight das Ende der Folge *thumps*
      Und Godric :love: *seufz* .... im deutschen mit der Synchro von unserem Sammy aus SPN :pinch:
      *Icon made by bel_perdente @ livejournal