2.09 I Will Rise Up

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    • 2.09 I Will Rise Up

      Eric, wounded in the explosion protecting Sookie, convinces her he can't heal himself with silver lodged in his body. Sookie sucks out the bullets, ingesting some of his blood.
      Bill reveals that Eric will now be able to sense her and she may become attracted to Eric sexually.

      Back in Bon Temps, Hoyt tells Jessica he wants her to meet his mother.
      Tara and Eggs awake badly-bruised and discuss blacking out again the night before.
      Maryann tells them the importance of losing control and the necessity for chaos to be closer to their god.

      Back in Dallas, Sookie heads to Jason's room where they find the Reverend Newlin and his wife on television, bickering with Nan Flanagan (leader of the AVL). The Newlins reveal that Godric volunteered to be taken by the Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie and Jason end up bonding over being the only remaining members of their family.

      Eggs and Tara go to Merlotte's and Lafayette accuses Eggs of causing Tara's bruises. A fight ensues between Lafayette and Eggs.
      Hoyt argues with his mother over what a hateful person she is and tells her she's going to meet Jessica.

      Sookie begins dreaming of Eric and exchanging sweet conversation while in the background Lorena is saying Sookie no longer cares for Bill. At the end of the dream Eric whispers, "This is the beginning".

      Maryann arrives at the jail looking for Sam but he shifts into a fly and escapes. Jessica meets Hoyt's mother who belittles her causing Hoyt to tell his mother he won't be coming home, ever. Later, Lafayette and Lettie Mae show up at Sookie's house to find Eggs, Tara and Maryann. Lettie Mae pleads for Tara to come with her. Tara eyes turn black and begins attacking her mother. Lafayette quickly grabs Tara and he and Lettie Mae take her away from Maryann. Sam, as a fly in Sookie's house, witnesses all of this.

      In Dallas, Eric and the vampires defend their actions to Nan Flanagan who berates Godric and fires him from his Sheriff position. Eric grows irritated with Nan's demeanor and pleads with Godric to fight against the bureaucracy. Godric agrees to the demotion and apologizes to everyone swearing to "make amends." Eric, visibly upset, is approached by Bill stating that "they have a score to settle". Bill punches Eric in the mouth, which Eric shrugs off and goes to meet Godric.

      Sam arrives at Detective Bellefleur's door naked.

      Sookie tells Bill she must go and help Godric. On the roof as Sookie watches, Eric breaks down and begs Godric not to go; first in English, then in Old Norse. Godric tells Eric he is ready to go and commands Eric, to leave the roof. Sookie promises Eric she will stay with Godric for "as long as it takes". Godric dies while Sookie watches in tears.

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