2.10 New World In My View

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    • 2.10 New World In My View

      Sookie consoles Eric for the loss of Godric, which leads to the two becoming intimate. This turns out to be a dream which is the result of her having drunk Eric's blood.

      Sookie, Bill and Jason return to Bon Temps to find the town in chaos.
      They return to Bill's house to find Hoyt and Jessica tending to Maxine, who is under the effects of Maryann's power.

      Sam is hiding out with Andy Bellefleur, but he is tricked into coming to Merlotte's via a desperate call from Arlene. Once there, the townsfolk trap both of them in the walk-in fridge. Jason arrives at Merlotte's armed with power tools, and convinces all the citizens to leave by threatening to take Arlene hostage and shoot a nail-gun into her head. Jason goes to help Sam, but the townsfolk quickly recognize his deception and return to try to recapture Sam. Jason, wearing a gas mask, pretends to be the God Who Comes, while Andy holds up a tree branch to give him the appearance that he has horns. He pretends to smite Sam (who turns into a fly – seemingly vanishing). This seems to satisfy everyone and they all leave Merlotte's. Sam re-appears, and Jason and Andy are stunned at what happened.

      Meanwhile, Bill and Sookie go to Sookie's house to find Maryann, who attacks Sookie. Sookie learns that Maryann is the creature who attacked her in the woods. Bill attempts to bite Maryann but finds her blood is toxic to him. Maryann seems intrigued with Sookie, who puts her hand off to push Maryann away, and finds that a burst of light shines from her hand, knocking Maryann backwards. Sookie and Bill flee while Maryann gleefully ponders what Sookie is.
      They go to Lafayette's and see Tara is still under Maryanne's spell. Together, Bill and Sookie use a combination of his glamor and her telepathy to break the spell over Tara. Tara expresses her desire to go rescue Eggs but her family prevents her from leaving.

      Bill recalls reading about Maenads and their worshipping of the god Dionysis many years ago and understands that Maryann is one. He goes to seek the vampire Queen of Louisiana, the one person who might know how to destroy Maryann, but when he arrives he finds a bloody foot dangling from the throne.

      Meanwhile, Maxine continues to insult both Jessica and Hoyt, until Jessica's anger gets the better of her and she begins to feed on Maxine.

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