3.04 9 Crimes

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    • 3.04 9 Crimes

      Bill breaks up with Sookie and tells her not to try and find him.
      Alcide and Sookie attend the werewolf initiation of his former fiancee, Debbie Pelt, and discover that Russell is in league with the werewolves.
      Sam promises to give his brother Tommy a job at Merlotte's and his family a new home.
      Jessica begins working at Merlotte's.
      Sheriff Bud Dearborne retires and Andy takes his place. Jason blackmails Andy into making him a cop.
      Franklin kidnaps Tara and takes her to Jackson.
      Bill reveals to Russell that Sophie-Anne is selling vampire blood.
      The Magister leads a raid on Fangtasia and finds vials of vampire blood. Eric and Pam tell the Magister that Bill is responsible for the crime.
      Bill procures a stripper as a meal for Russell and Lorena and, at Russell's command, joins in the feed.

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