3.05 Trouble

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    • 3.05 Trouble

      Eric visits Russell, who catches him in a lie and forces him to admit that the Magister is holding Pam prisoner and will kill her unless he turns in Bill Compton for selling V.
      Franklin gives Russell information on Sookie's genealogy that he stole from Bill's home. Franklin continues to keep Tara prisoner at Russell's mansion, telling her that he intends to make her his vampire bride.
      Alcide and Sookie visit packmaster Colonel Flood, who advises them to keep away from Russell and his werewolves. Bill goes to Alcide's apartment to tell Sookie to leave but the King arrives and thwarts his plan.
      Russell orders Coot to grab Sookie, who protects herself with her mysterious powers.
      A Viking crown in Russell's possession makes Eric realize that Russell was responsible for killing his family many centuries ago.
      Lafayette and Jesús begin to get to know each other.
      Tommy begins working at Merlotte's.
      Jason starts work as a cop and falls for the enigmatic Crystal Norris.
      Terry moves in with Arlene.

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