3.06 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

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    • 3.06 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

      Russell takes Sookie and Bill to his mansion, where Bill kills one of the bodyguards and attempts to kill Russell. Russell orders Lorena to take Bill to the slaves' quarters and kill him.
      Eric refuses to help Bill when asked by Sookie, and denies that she means anything to him.
      Russell tries to learn what Sookie really is.

      Jason discovers that Crystal has a fiancé. Sam suspects that his parents are using Tommy for dog-fighting matches. Lafayette and Jesús fall out over Lafayette's drug dealing.

      Eric accompanies Russell to Sophie-Anne's mansion, where Russell blackmails her into accepting his marriage proposal.
      Eric renounces his loyalty to the Queen and pledges his loyalty to the King of Mississippi.
      Tara escapes from Franklin's clutches by beating his head to a pulp and tries to rescue Sookie and escape.
      Sookie tries to save Bill, who has been severely tortured by Lorena, and had his blood drained by Cooter and Debbie.
      Lorena thwarts Sookie's plan and attempts to kill her.

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