3.07 Hitting the Ground

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    • 3.07 Hitting the Ground

      With Bill's help, Sookie stakes Lorena. Alcide and Tara attempt to help Sookie get Bill to safety. Debbie tries to thwart their plans but Tara concocts a plan in Sookie's head to get the upper hand.
      Alcide kills Cooter, causing Debbie to vow vengeance on Alcide.
      Sookie lets Bill feed on her blood to help revive him, but he ends up attacking her, putting her in a coma. While in her coma, Sookie visits a magical place and meets Claudine. Learning that Sookie does not have a blood type, Bill uses his blood to save her.
      Sam rescues Tommy from the dog fighting ring and convinces him to leave his parents.
      Jason attempts to learn more about Crystal from her jailed cousin.
      Summer declares her feelings for Hoyt.
      Eric forces Sookie's cousin, Hadley, into revealing Sookie's secret. Eric, Russell and Sophie-Anne go to Fangtasia to rescue Pam.
      Russell forces the Magister to marry him and Sophie-Anne, killing the Magister immediately afterward.

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