3.08 Night on the Sun

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    • 3.08 Night on the Sun

      Sookie and Bill break up in the hospital. Sophie-Anne moves into Russell's mansion.
      Bill releases Jessica as her maker, but she refuses to leave him.
      Alcide returns to Mississippi because Debbie has burned down his sister Janice's salon.
      Lafayette's mother escapes from the psychiatric institution and pays Lafayette a visit; Jesús comes looking for her and reignites his relationship with Lafayette.
      Arlene hires Holly to be the new waitress at Merlotte's. Tommy makes trouble at Merlotte's.
      Crystal goes to Jason's house to seek refuge from her relatives.
      Hadley, acting on Eric's orders, warns Sookie that Russell and the werewolves are coming for her and that she should not trust Bill.
      Jason warns Crystal's father to stay away from her.
      Debbie and two werewolves go to Sookie's house to kill her. Bill and Jessica arrive to protect her.
      Eric stakes Talbot, drawing Russell back to Jackson and saving Bill and Sookie.
      Bill and Sookie have passionate make-up sex.

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