3.09 Everything is Broken

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    • 3.09 Everything is Broken

      Sookie tells Bill that she knows about the secret file he's been keeping on her family.
      Nan Flanagan visits Eric at Fangtasia to investigate the disappearance of the Magister. The Authority gives Eric the green light to kill Russell.
      Tara seeks therapy for her trauma.
      Hadley introduces Sookie to her son, Hunter, who is also a telepath.
      Bill meets Claudine in the mysterious dream world and finally discovers what Sookie is.
      Hoyt admits to Jessica that he doesn't care for Summer.
      Jason and Crystal tie up and plant V on her fiance, who later savages one of Andy's cops.
      Sam beats up Calvin at Merlotte's, and Crystal follows her father to the hospital, against Jason's wishes.
      Arlene admits she doesn't want Rene's child.
      Franklin comes back for Tara, only to be shot by Jason with wooden bullets.
      Russell appears on TV, killing a newscaster and pledging to wage war against humans and the American Vampire League.

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