3.11 Fresh Blood

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    • 3.11 Fresh Blood

      Sookie is rescued from Fangtasia's basement by Bill and Yvetta.
      Lafayette continues to have scary visions after his recent V trip.
      Jessica confesses to Hoyt that she killed a trucker and Hoyt allows Jessica to feed from him.
      Eric informs Russell that drinking Sookie's fairy blood will allow vampires to "day walk".
      Arlene believes Holly's potion has induced a miscarriage, but the baby survives.
      Sam goes on a drunken rampage and closes Merlotte's for the night after firing Tommy and insulting Terry and the waitresses.
      Jason finds out that Kitch is on V.
      Tara tells Andy that she knows about Eggs' murder and the coverup.
      While Sam and Tara hook up, Tommy breaks into Merlotte's safe.
      Bill and Sookie are taken captive by Russell and Eric, and brought to Fangtasia. Russell and Eric drink Sookie's blood.
      Eric tricks Russell into walking outside, then handcuffs himself to Russell and they await death in the daylight.

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