3.12 Evil is Going On

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    • 3.12 Evil is Going On

      Sookie saves Eric from dying in sunlight, despite Bill's protests.
      At Eric's insistence, Sookie also saves Russell, and ties him to a pole in Fangtasia.
      Hoyt's mother and Summer stage an intervention to get Hoyt away from Jessica, but it backfires and Hoyt asks Jessica to marry him. Sometime later, his mother is shown buying a rifle.
      Tara learns that Sam is a shapeshifter and that her mother is having an affair with a minister, and leaves Bon Temps.
      The DEA stages a raid on Hot Shot, but Jason warns the residents, giving Felton enough time to kill Calvin and escape with Crystal and leaving Jason in charge.
      Lafayette discovers that Jesús is a brujo.
      Bill and Eric bury Russell alive in cement, then Bill turns the tables on Eric and tries to kill him by doing the same thing.
      Eric escapes and tells Sookie that Bill was originally sent to Bon Temps to procure her for Sophie-Anne and that he purposely allowed the Rattrays to beat her nearly to death so that he would be able to feed her his blood.
      Tommy refuses to give Sam back the money he stole from Merlotte's, so Sam shoots at him.
      After vowing to kill anyone who knows about Sookie's fairy heritage, Bill invites Sophie-Anne to his home for a fight to the death.
      Sookie visits Gran's grave where she is joined by Claudine and other fairies and transported to their world.

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