Leverage - two drabbles - Gen, PG

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    • Leverage - two drabbles - Gen, PG

      comment_fic prompt by ivotedforsaxon: Author's choice, any, "what does that do?" "Don't touch it!"

      100 words on listening to what people say

      "What does that do?"
      "Don't touch it!"

      OF COURSE he had to.
      Everything, predictably enough, went to hell immediately.
      Hardison screeched like a girl, Nate’s voice in Eliot’s ear was sharp and Parker... was actually laughing her fucking crazy head off, as they plummeted downwards at breakneck speed.

      No, it hadn’t been one of Eliot’s brighter ideas to touch that “wavy windows waving goodbye” button, when it was Hardison’s laptop that was controlling the elevator at that moment.

      Parker reached across, connected two wires in the control panel, the elevator brakes came on, they stopped. Nine feet above the ground.


      comment_fic prompt by ciaimpala: Leverage, Elliot/Hardison, Elliot buys Hardison a new computer when his old one gets broken saving Elliot's life

      100 words on personal taste

      “It’s… uh… nice. All…. rubbery, camouflagey and stuff…,” Hardison stammered, eying the thing warily.

      Eliot was grinning at him. Which, Hardison had to admit, was kinda scary. The grin faded slowly. Which was even scarier. It was replaced with… well, in a lesser man, you’d call it disappointment. What that look meant with Eliot, Hardison had no clue.

      “Least I could do. Bullet was meant for me. Would be dead, if you hadn’t shoved your machine in between. But if that ain’t the right kind of laptop, I’ll get you another one.”

      “Nu-uh, ‘s fine, honest!”

      White lie, didn’t count.