Hawaii Five-0 - Here we go again

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    • Hawaii Five-0 - Here we go again

      by angelinchains

      Characters: Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett
      Summary: After six weeks Steve returns from an oversea's assingment and drives home with Danny.
      Rating: PG-13
      Spoilers: None
      Word Count: 849
      Warnings: Unbeated!
      Beta: None! This was written in the middle of the night, so forgive me if there are any mistakes!
      Disclaimer: I don't owe the boyz, only like to fool around with them

      Steve gave a long sigh.

      "Are you okay?"

      "You have no idea how much I've missed this, Danny." A smile curled Steve lips.

      "Missed what?" Danny asked frowning.

      "This here. The island, the car, you, our conversations."

      Danny drove both hands through his hair and glanced sideways at Steve.

      "Okaaay, so the island's first and then the car and then it's me. Your partner. The guy who saved your naval ass more than once, since we've met."

      Steve rolled his eyes muttering, "Here we go again. I didn't necessarily mean it in THAT ORDER. Stop bugging me if there's trouble in paradise."

      Danny glared at him. "Trouble in … trouble … trouble in paradise? What the hell is wrong with you?"

      "You were babbling about the argument with Rachel. I was just listening. That's what good friends do. Listen. I had no clue you expected a statement from my side." Steve shook his head slightly.


      After a while Danny started grinning from ear to ear.

      "What?" Steve asked.

      "Got you! I wasn't really mad at you. I was just kidding. And you went ballistic." Danny laughed. "Shouldn't you know me by now?"

      "I know you, Daniel. More than I want to. And I knew you were …"

      "No, you didn't."

      "Yes, of course I did …"

      "Liar, liar," Danny teased.

      Steve glared at him, "believe me, I knew it."

      "No, you didn't and now do me a favor and put your eyes back on the street."

      "I am looking at the damn street for the whole damn time. And I can argue with you at the same time. You know what this is called? Multitasking! By the way I'm starving, didn't have breakfast."

      Danny nodded.


      "Nothing, now I know where the growling comes from. Thought we have a dog in the trunk."

      Steve shook his head grinning and glanced sideways at Danny.

      "Steven, please – eyes – street." Danny gestured. "I'm sure you've missed my flawless features and want to enjoy the whole enchilada. But …"

      "C'mon Danno, I'm not that love struck."

      "So what about breakfast?" Danny said.

      Steve raised the left eyebrow, "what breakfast?"

      Danny threw his hands in the air, "dude, you just mentioned you're starving."

      "Did I?"

      "Jeez, are you suffering from blitzattack amnesia?"

      Steve started to laugh. "See? Now, I got you. Of course I know I was talking about breakfast. Where we're heading?"

      "To Hell!" Danny pouted.

      "I don't believe it. What's wrong with you, now?"

      "Nothing, why? I already had breakfast."

      "Oh, Master Yoda had breakfast, this morning. One of these fat free milk and wheat something? So healthy it …."

      Danny tipped the forehead with the index finger, "sorry, my bad. I totally forgot that a Super!SEAL needs half a cow for breakfast."

      "Actually, you have no idea about a real SEAL breakfast", Steve snapped.

      "Pull over", Danny said all of a sudden.

      "What? Why should I? We're in the middle of nowhere."

      "Doesn't matter? Just pull over."

      "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you up for some hitchhiking?"

      "No. All I want you to do is pull the fuck over. For Chrissake do I need a reason for everything I say?"

      "If you ask me to pull over in the middle of fucking nowhere … YES!"

      Danny looked at him provocative, "You're sure you wanna know the reason?"

      "Yes, I want to know the reason."

      "I have to take a piss, babe. Plain and simple pissing. Shall I spell it for you? Or do you need a drawing?"

      Steve burst into laughter.

      "What's so funny about it? Why are you laughing at me?"

      "Why can't you tell me: 'Steve please pull over. I've to piss.' Is it really that hard?"

      "Seriously? Can't I just fucking tell ya to pull over? Are we in kindergarten? It's none of your business if I'm going to shake hands with my best friend."

      "And I always thought I was your best friend?" Steve laughed so hard, tears were streaming down his face. This whole conversation was hilarious and he definitely enjoyed it.

      "I already see us kissing one of those trees," Danny murmured.

      "Me too. But I won't be the one who's pissed his pants by then. Sorry." Steve wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

      "Wouldn't be so sure about that, Steven. And now pull the friggin' car over!"

      "Are you always that hysterical if you have to pee?"

      "How about me driving, and you cuffed and gagged in the backseat?" Danny countered.

      Steve wiggled his eyebrows, "naked?"

      "Steven. Don't lead me into temptation."



      "As you please, Master", Steve slowed down the car and indicated.

      "Finally! I don't owe a SEAL bladder, you know?"

      Steve frowned, "what does that mean?"

      "Forget it, I'm already hallucinating. Look how yellow my eyes are." Danny leaned over and took a close look into the rearview mirror.

      Steve slammed on the breaks. His partner hit his head on the mirror and hissed, "OUCH!"

      Steve lifted his hands, palms out, "don't blame me, you've asked me to pull over." THE END