Angepinnt Leverage - Dreharbeiten S5 starten!

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    • 'Leverage' crew back in Portland filming Season 5 - mögliche Spoiler

      The "Leverage" gang is back, filming in and around Portland for Season 5.
      If it's March, that means it's time for the "Leverage" cast and crew to be in Portland, working on the upcoming season of the TNT show.

      This will be the first season the series is actually based in Portland, instead of filming here and pretending area locations are Boston, and other farflung spots.

      For the past week, Twitter has been busy with tweets from "Leverage" folks, including cast members Timothy Hutton, who plays Nate, Beth Riesgraf, who plays Parker, and Christian Kane, who plays Eliot.

      On March 5, for example, Riesgraf posted to Twitter and Facebook: "First day back on season 5 of Leverage! Very rainy and cold, but so happy to see all the cast and crew again! It feels like we didn't skip a beat- picked up right where we left off. We've got lots of fun things in store for you. I hope you all enjoy this season as much as we do when making it!"

      On March 6, Hutton tweeted: "here's my haul from the great Powell's." with a link to a photo of books.

      View full size
      The photo Timothy Hutton posted on Twitter of his haul of books from Powell's.
      Also on March 6, Kane tweeted: "5:30 am call time. My first day on set. Season 5 has officially started 4 me. First shot up? Any guesses? Yep.... Fight!! Thanx @jonrog1 :)"

      "Leverage" showrunner John Rogers has also been on Twitter, posting photos of a location where apparently something big will be going down. As he wrote:

      #leverage let's go steal ... a TITAN MISSILE?

      And it appears Jonathan Frakes is directing again, as he recently tweeted: "Look out Portland #Leverage is back in town!

      Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly reports that the first episode of Season 5 features Cary Elwes ("The Princess Bride"). From the item:

      The Princess Bride star is set to guest-star in the premiere, playing Scott Roemer, a modern-day Howard Hughes who is the owner of Global Transit Airlines. The team cons the unscrupulous Roemer into thinking he has a chance to steal Hughes’ famous Spruce Goose mega-plane, but after he seemingly takes the bait, he comes to realize all is not as it seems.

      Well, we know where that episode is filming, don't we?

      -- Kristi Turnquist4

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