Angepinnt 2012 JIBCON III Congeflüster

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    • Geh ich auch mit konform, Bela.
      In die gleiche Kategorie gehört auch Brock's OhGottichbinsowitzig Kelly's Aktion, Jensen auf der Autogrammkarte von JiB einen Penis zu malen. That is simply NOT DONE.

      Auf der etwas netteren Schiene habe ich für Priestly jetzt auch eine Facebook-Seite gemacht, Francesco die Giraffe und Bartholomew das Zebra haben ja auch eine und ich warte auf die anderen beiden Zombiekatzen...

      Wer mag, darf das gerne mögen. LOL.
    • Thank you!
      This is the right word to start a post after JIBCON 3 weekend because we are truly overwhelmed by all the sweet emails and messages you have been sending us in these past days. When a party ends usually everyone is tired and a bit sad so wrapping up loose ends it’s the hardest work ever, but with you guys it’s impossible to feel blue! You keep spreading joy and enthusiasm, sharing your feelings with us and telling us what JIBCON 3 meant to you. Your support, your affection give us energy like we’re a big family and we all belong together here in Roma, guests, fans and staff!
      And our utmost thank you goes to our marvelous guests for being so nice, funny and lovely all the time, for being such a great company and for making working with them a pleasure.
      Thanks to Jensen and Jared who always make JIBCON a daydreaming experience, to our "JIB-Veterans" Misha, Richard, Jason and Steve for being with us in this adventure from the start and for making it special. Thanks to Jim, Sebastian and Robfor coming back year after year, and to Brock and Mark for joining us, you guys are fantastic!
      Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
      Another acknowledgement is due to all the people who have worked hard helping us before and at the convention to make it run smoothly, so thank you to Luca M. and the security guys, you did an amazing job! Thanks to the Hilton staff for helping us with any need -from a quick cappuccino to bearing with us when we kept talking, laughing and singing well into the night! Other hotels should really learn from you! Thanks to all the technical crew: Erik, Stefano, Marco, Sebastian, Fabrizio, Angela, Tommaso C, Walter, Marcello, Flavia N. and Federico. A special thank you to Andrea Casta our beloved announcer!
      A huge thank you to our beloved friends for being the best staff we could hope for! You guys are astonishing: so generous and tireless, always ready to help whenever we ask, always smiling and patient even when things are crazy. Without you we could never manage JIBCON! We love you and we owe you a lot!
      Thank you to:
      FLAVIA T.
      LUCA A.
      LUCA E.
      TOMMASO L.

      Of course least but not last we say THANK YOU to you guys for making JIBCON possible, for making it worth doing and for gifting us with so much love! You are the heart of this convention!
      You’re not leaving us alone and you make impossible for us to say no to you, because knowing what we do can make people happy is addictive and the best emotion in the world! So really thank you for caring, thank you for being with us and YES, see you next year for JIBCON 4! And yes, JIBCON 4 IS OFFICIAL, you’ll get more news in the next weeks!

      Daniela, Francesca & Chiara


      BloodyCon2012-Aecon4-Destination Star Trek-
      FedCon 23
    • Ich lieg hier flach, Jim hat uns geantwortet und zwar auf DIESES Bild, dass ich ihm via twitter geschickt hatte:

    • Summary of M & G with Jensen at JibCon

      The M&G started exactly on time, which I think it's pretty telling also of both Jared and Jensen personalities! He entered and said hello, hello! and it was like he OWNED the room. He asked how we were and there was chorus of 'Fine!' (I think we all had kind of swallowed our tongue). He told us he was in a way better mood today even though he had barely slept again, but he was excited. So right away he asked us what we wanted to talk about and jumped right to the questions.

      Fan: Have you ever had problems with a script that you don't agree with and how to make it work for Dean?

      Jensen: Not really. It would be less like trying how to make Dean do this, like directly changing the script to make it *be* Dean. When we come against a scene or dialog that doesn't sound right, we change it and make it proper to the character. So I'll never had a hard time figuring out how to make Dean do something because we will just change the script if it doesn't feel right.

      Fan: And have you had any technical problems?

      Jensen: Probably but I don't remember exactly. In a hundred and forty nine episodes there's definitely been situations where we have changed lines and had to figure things out. But there's a lot of people on our crew, people we can talk and say 'Let's do this o change that' or they say that to us. For example we have one person completely dedicated to continuity, making sure that everything lines up properly, that if you do something here, it's done exactly the same way there. So that's one of the many technical aspects we can get. There's a lot of people watching our back.

      Fan: Would you like to play a historical character?

      (again, I'm reducing the questions, they were a lot better than I can remember, but you know... I was staring at Jensen the whole time...)

      Jensen: Great question. In Supernatural I've had to do, well, not exactly historical character but there's moments on the show in which we go back, like when I was with Elliot Ness. That would be a great character to play. In fact I remember walking to the set with the coat and the hair, looking like a million bucks and the crew guys came and were like 'Why did we stop dressing like that?'. So it would be rather fun. Also in the Western episode, I got to be a cowboy and I loved that. But you know? What I really love is JDM new show 'Magic City' that's played in the fifties and I remember I called Jeff and told him 'if the show is still going when Supernatural ends, you have to get me on there!'. And actually, I'd love to do a medieval character, like Robin Hood and that kind of stuff. But we will see.

      Fan: I have two questions. The first one is What inspired you to act as a big brother? and the second one is if you have seen any episode of X-files and what do you think about its influence into Supernatural?

      Jensen: Well, for your first question, I'm a big-brother, I have a little sister. But I don't have a younger brother. So honestly, I've come to feel more like an older brother being in the set and working with Jared. Because he and I are very close friends and have that brother mentality of taking care of each other. He's really like a brother. And I'm four years older than him so it was kind of natural to fall into that role, even though he's bigger than I am! So it wasn't difficult to achieve. And about your second question, I did see some X-files, not a lot of it because it was on for like nine years. But it was more a procedural, a cop show with a supernatural storyline that sometimes got lost. Whereas our show is more ghosts and demons and that kind of stuff. There are similarities, but they are pretty different.

      Fan: Does the show make an special effort to avoid spoilers?

      Jensen: Yes, there's certainly some big storylines that they try to protect. Like Bobby's return or Castiel's return, so they won't send the script by email. They will only give it to the key persons of each department. They do make an effort to keep the story under wraps. They don't want you guys to get spoiled, they want you to be surprised.

      (I'm sure the above question had a larger reply, BUT he had said it would be my turn next because he signaled the order, so I was a mess and I barely heard it. I'm sorry I probably messed what he said.)

      Me (he focused on me and damn it, he's intense! so my mind went blank and to my horror, I started babbling, with trembling voice, no kidding): I wanted to talk about the brothers relationship. Because there's been a huge change over the seasons. They are still able to do anything for each other but it's like they don't know the other would do the same... For example when Sam asked Dean not to die, but Dean didn't understand that if he dies Sam will go behind him. It's like there's still a huge rift between them...

      (THANKFULLY, Jensen stopped me here or I would probably have kept talking!)

      Jensen: I don't think there's a rift. I think there's still the brother loyalty and they are still looking out for each other. But they have been through so much that it's hard to know where each other come from. It's like Sam is barely holding on and could break apart at any moment, and Dean does what he can to keep his brother together but this time it's out of his hand. So he has to trust that Sam will do his part and keep it together. In fact there's a few lines later in the season in which Sam asks Dean 'How do you keep it together? I'm barely hanging on.' and I don't want to spoil the lines but I'm like 'I have to try'. They are what keep each other standing and keep the brothers going.

      (And bless you Jensen, for giving such an amazingly beautiful answer to my mess of a question!!)

      There's at least a couple of short questions and answers that were asked after me, very fast like only a couple of sentences. But I'm sorry I can't remember, I was still in my little cloud.

      Fan: You have said before that in the first season Dean was a lot more like Jensen, but now it's an independent characeter. What are the changes?

      Jensen: Well, in the beginning of the show I was trying to find the character. that's the reason why Jensen and Dean have more similarities. But when I started knowing this character, what he went through, how he related to other characters it evolved and became less and less Jensen. I think the longer a show is television, you can see better how the characters fleshed up, develop and change. The studios want instant gratification, good ratings from the start and if they don't get it they can cancel the show. So I think we've been very lucky be able to continue playing these characters and have the opportunity to evolve with them. So I think that now that we are seven seasons into the show, the character has really taken a life on his own. Same with Sam, with Bobby or with Cas... I mean if you meet Jim Beaver or Misha you can tell how different we are from our characters. And I think it's better when they become more individual, than just another version of me. I like to be able to play somebody so different, it's a challenge. So well, that's it.

      Daniela had actually started to make signals that the M&G was coming to an end, so Jensen shrugged and smiled.

      Jensen: This was great. I'll see you guys later! Thank you!

      Everybody (in awed chorus, again): Thank youuu!

      So, hum... that was it too. I promise time really flew by! But it was yet again worth every second!!

    • Jared's Meet & Greet

      J: Hello! Is this my chair? [IND] Hi guys. Anyone's first time? Welcome, welcome, welcome. [staff brings him a bottle of beer & opens it] Usually I can open my own. So, hi. Did y'all just have Jensen? Was he good? Was he boring? [something about Jensen being tired?]

      F: [something about lack of sleep]

      J: I am. I've still been spoiled because Gen is breastfeeding and so I'm kind of useless. I can change a diaper and burp him and I think [Gen's] really in love with little Thomas, so she's like, 'I'll change his diaper and burp him myself' [laughter] and she won't wake me up. And we wrapped a week ago, so -

      F: Have they come with you, or have you left them at home?

      J: They didn't, because I go straight from here straight to Brazil and they were going to come with me if it was just to Rome, but to go to Brazil they suggest you get yellow fever, diphtheria, malaria [vaccinations]. They suggest lots of things that as an adult I'm fine with – and I have because we went to Machu Pichu for our honeymoon – but I didn't really want to give [vaccinations] to him yet because he'll be six weeks old on Monday and I don't want to put a lot of shots in him. I'm not super anti- vaccine, I'm vaccinated, but we're trying to read up on everything before [IND]. It's really not worth it to lug him everywhere. He's still really young also, so we flew to Austin from Seattle [IND] and it was great, but then we can kind of trick him by not breastfeeding him until we take off so that he feeds and then sleeps for those three hours essentially. We don't know about [taking him on] a twelve hour leg where he wakes up and we're just waiting for him to find his own rhythm. They're coming to Paris in a month.

      F: And Birmingham?

      J: No, I'm not, no.

      F: You're coming to Birmingham, aren't you?

      J: No. (Wayne at Rogue) knows that.

      F: Well, you've been announced. You're still on the list.

      J: Wow. I will talk to Wayne. As soon as we found we were pregnant we didn't sign up for any more, because we knew that we -

      F: (Rogue) announced it AFTER [the pregnancy announcement]

      J: Well, I'll have to call Wayne.

      F: Because down in Australia we were wondering if you were going to come down and we kind of figured not because the weekend before you were going to be in Birmingham.

      J: No, I'm not because [Gen's] brother is graduating in Boston, from college. Oh no. Well, I'm not. I'm sorry, I'll try to figure out who -

      F: You have a group of fangirls who are on the internet and will spread the word.

      J: Yeah, thank you guys. Well, please, yeah, spread the word because I'm not [going].

      F: [something about him being on the A5 guest list as a bonus guest]

      J: We told [Wayne] way back when that we'd like to but we'd play it by ear, that we probably weren't [going to attend], but I guess that means – [IND] oh man. I'll talk to [Wayne]. As soon as we found out we were pregnant and also we haven't been picked up yet, even though they hired a new showrunner. We figured you don't hire someone new when you're going to fire [the cast & crew], I'll talk to [Rogue] but please, Moosekateers, do whatever you can to spread the word. I don't want anyone getting disappointed. But we're just gonna stay with Thomas and stay at home.

      F: The thing is, you don't get that time [with the baby] back and it's gone so fast.

      J: Yeah, it's gone really fast. He's gone from this 8lb 6oz funny looking bruiser kid to… he lost a little weight then he gained a bunch of weight. I was supposed to fly here a couple of days ago [IND]. I was supposed to leave LA on Wednesday and on the way to the airport he was being super cute and smiling and not crying, not pooping, just sitting there [with his eyes] following you and every time I talked he looked for me. And I was like 'I'm not leaving this right now, am I?' So I moved my flight because I wanted to stay with him as long as possible. Yeah, he's being really cute, and then he'll fart and he'll smile. [laughter]

      F [something about Thomas taking after his father on the farting front]

      J: Precisely my point! And if there was any question, he's certainly Daddy's Boy. [laughter]. So, what were we talking about? [says something to his JiB minder]

      F: Jensen said to say you’re to stop pulling Misha's pants down.

      J: [laughs] Oh yeah. Well, he'd been gone for so long, I had to do something to him. The reason was, I had been in [hospital pants] for however long for [The Born-Again Identity] and they feel so -

      F [something about how he made them look really nice :-)]

      J: No, no! They're also the [kind of] pants you can't do anything for, so as soon as it was [Misha's] coverage, I just leaned my foot across and [mimes pulling down Misha's pants with his foot] and he was like, 'Yup, my pants are at my knees and I have to [say my lines?] Forget it.' Yeah we try to mess with him [IND]. Who has seen the latest episode?

      F: About 20 minutes ago! [laughter]

      J: Did you really?

      F: [something about how awesome Felicia Day was and how they should have her back]

      J: We're definitely trying. She's so funny, she totally just comes in and fits along with the crew. She's like a Misha. And we're like, 'She's rad, she's gotta stick around.' So we're trying, but she has a bunch of stuff going on. She has internet [shows] going on [IND] and she's one of those girls that has about fifteen projects in a day.

      F [something about Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog]

      J: Is that the thing she's got going online?

      F: No, it was a thing with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. YouTube it.

      J: Really? Neil Patrick Harris was in my dream! [laughs] Wait a second. [thinks] He was. That's the weirdest thing that you just said that, because I didn't remember [he was in my dream] until – I swear to God.

      F: [IND]

      J: You're messing with my mind! Who was I walking down the street with? I was walking down the street with a friend or something and then we looked in one of the TV [stores?] and HIMYM [was showing] and we were watching it and looked around and he was walking past us and we were like, 'Hey, Neil! Good job!' And he was like, 'Hey guys,' and he comes over and starts watching it. [laughter] It's the weirdest thing. Sorry, I never remember my dreams. But then when you fly, you're in this kind of odd sleeping/awake state – sorry, as per usual I've wandered off. But the episode [The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo] was good?

      F: [general affirmatives] Robbie Thompson's brilliant. You should keep him.

      J: I know, we really loved him. What do you think about DJ [Qualls]?

      F: Awesome

      J: He's like an old-school Tennessee boy. And so, he comes on set and he's very nice and soft-spoken and we were totally ripping on him and being, like, Jared and Jensen and teasing on him and he's like, 'wait a second! Y'all guys are mean!' and we were like no, we're not, we're not, but we loved having him around, he's a good [IND].

      F: [something about the Twitter Wars between him and DJQ]

      J: Every now and again if I get the chance I'll [beat on?] him on Twitter. I flew through Washington on the way here and I had two cool plane experiences. I flew from LA to Washington -

      F: You didn't push any buttons? [reference to Jared's train 'incident' in Europe last year]

      J: [laughs] I didn't push any buttons, I know better than that! But I saw the Shuttle. It was sitting right there on the tarmac. [IND] And then flying into Rome we saw the Costa Concordia [the cruise ship that ran aground off the Italian coast earlier this year] sort of half underwater. Y'all seen that? If you fly west of here you can totally see it. You can see what happens when the pilot of a boat stops paying attention.

      F: And what happens when the Captain is the first in the escape boat.

      J: I know. Crazy.

      F: Douchey. [laughter]

      J: [IND] I do love the coastguard though [that took part in the CC rescue]. [He said to the CC captain] 'You scared 'cause it's dark? Get back in there, you - !' I was like, 'Yeah! That's a good, strong Italian man!' [laughter] [to fan] Sorry, go ahead.

      F: [something about the season finale]

      J: The season finale. Okay, I'm gonna try and not spoil it. As per usual, it opens up some doors, closes some doors. It's very sad, in my opinion, but I think it's strong. We were worried because we heard how the season WAS going to end and neither of us was very excited about it. And then [the writers] ended up changing it. And now it feels like they've set up a story that needs to be told. And I hope that at the beginning of next season we'll take advantage of [IND].

      F: So can you tell us how it WAS going to end? The option they didn't go down?

      J: I could, but it's gonna ruin it. I know this because my brother and I when I was in high school went to see The Patriot, with Mel Gibson. And on the way out there was a line for The Patriot and [his brother Jeff] was just being goofy and [as he] was walking along he was like, 'Man, I can't believe they killed Mel Gibson!' And the people just looked at him and he said, 'I'm just kidding with y'all,' and walked off. So, if I tell you what DOESN'T happen, you'll know what DOES happen. And I remember the look on [Jeff's] face, he felt so bad, he was like, 'I can't believe I did that!' We'd both seen the Simpson's episode where there's some people waiting in line for Star Wars and Homer Simpson comes out and goes, 'I can't believe Darth Vader's his father!' [laughter] Jeff was just trying to be like that. So now if any of y'all haven't seen The Patriot, I'm very sorry. They do kill him! [laughter] I should have prefaced this by saying 'if you haven't seen The Patriot and you wanna see it sometime soon, cover your ears!' Now you know. But the point is, I'll ruin it if I tell you. But we have how many episodes left? Two? Three. It's strong. I think it's going to be half – how can I say this without ruining it? As per usual with Supernatural you don't want to tell people anything that's gonna happen in case it ruins it. But there are gonna be tears.

      F: Mostly yours.

      J: Mostly mine. [laughter]

      F: Do you think we have any left?

      J: Tears? [laughs] Depends what season you've been watching lately. If you've been watching The French Mistake, that was a funny episode. But yeah, it's exciting. It's something we're very excited about. We're really given an opportunity to do something, and I hope we do it next season. Twist that in your moustaches. And no one has any moustaches here.

      F: Just a question about the writers. When you get scripts, it tells you who it was written by. Is there any particular writer when you see their name you go 'YES! This is gonna be good'?

      J: Yes. Ben Edlund, obviously. And Jeremy Carver was another one and now he's gonna run the show. So that is really cool. Funnily enough, I always felt that way about Sera. But Sera's gone now and that's sad. But in my opinion she wrote very Sam-centric episodes. I wish she had been able to do more of that while showrunning. So I hope that now that Jeremy Carver's going to be running the show, it doesn't take away from what he was able to do as a writer. I think when you're writing one or four episodes a year, you can have fun and just worry about that. And Ben came back and directed again. Has anyone here met Ben Edlund? Or seen him?

      F: Seen him on video.

      J: As kooky and crazy as his writing is, and seems really off-the-cuff, he's very thought process-oriented. So it's almost frustrating for me as an actor when he's directing. I'll be like, 'Ben, right now I'm saying, 'hand me that Astro Nazuro,' can I say 'Can I have an Astro Nazuro' instead?' And he'll be like [mimes BE thinking hard] 'I'll be back.' [laughter] And I'm like, 'But it's saying the same thing!' He has to go process it. Because I think he has it all in his head. His wacky little head. And he's like [mimes arduous thought process] 'but – there's a cog – wheel – missing – yeah, okay, that's fine.' And I'm 'Of course it's fine, I'm saying the same thing!' [there was a little more Jared on a ramble loop here, saying the same thing again :-)]

      [JiB staff says only 5 minutes remaining]

      F: We only get 20 minutes.

      J: 20? Really??

      F: [asks if he thinks Sera will still write for the show]

      J: No, I don't. I'm not saying this in a mean way but I think she's gonna jump ship. I think for her it makes a lot of sense. She started out with Sophie Raelle Tucker, went from one half of a writing team that sold two scripts to Supernatural to a staff writer to a showrunner. And now thanks to you guys – which I think she knows – she wins two PCA's on a show that she took over. So this is where she can go do whatever the hell she wants to do. Not roll in dollar bills, but she can go say, 'Listen guys, I was one half of a guest writing team, then I ran the show, and in the last two years we won 3 PCA's and we [just got renewed for another season]. It's a big achievement and she can write for anyone she wants to [IND]. Even though she's been running the show, it's still Kripke's baby, we're still living in Kripke's world. And he's always watching [IND] to see if it's going alright. So I don't think she'll run the show again or write for the show again. But I think good for her. It's one of those things that is very good, sad but [IND]. But I don't know about y'all guys, but I'm very excited to see the show [with JC in charge].

      F: Are you still in contact with Sera? If you were, just to let her know that all the bitchiness in fandom [towards her], it's only a small minority that actually felt like that. Most people are really sorry to see her go. We're very happy to have Jeremy Carver come in, but -

      J: I will, I will.

      F: I think she should know that everybody's proud of what she's done. The fact that she came in as a woman [and achieved that], it's great.

      J: Yeah. She came in as a woman and ran a completely male show. I will tell her that. It's very intimidating sometimes - even for me and I'm one of the two [lead] guys on the show – to look at what's going on online or in articles or whatever [IND]. But that having been said, coming to these [cons] puts things in perspective. My favourite team is the Dallas Cowboys and I've probably said I hate Tony Romo's guts more than anybody in the world. But he's my quarterback, so I love him. I only say [I hate him] because he dropped [the ball], but I still root for the Cowboys, still interested in the Cowboys, and you only hate on the one's you love, right? [laughter]. But I will say that. I'll say that I went to a foreign country and people were very happy with what she did and are sorry to see her go. Off the record, I wish she'd always been an excellent writer instead of showrunner because selfishly, I always felt that her episodes were really good for Sam. Ben Edlund has always written funny Dean episodes because he has that funny, quirky mind that [thinks it's] fun to see Dean in certain situations. But Sera always had my heart. I felt certain episodes she wrote really delved into Sam.

      F: [something about him taking his shirt off in Sera's episodes] [laughter]

      J: Yeah. Y'know what, I teased her during the summer [before S6?]. I was like, 'I guess I'm gonna be taking my shirt off a lot more!' And she never made me take my shirt off again! [laughter] I think she was like 'oh my god!' Maybe she didn't even really notice before. But we joke also because there's a writer – I forget which one – who always has Dean take HIS shirt off! [it'll say in the script] 'Dean gets out of the shower' and 'Dean is tying his shoe without a shirt on' [to fan] What was that?

      F: We only got an arm!

      J: Y'know what, I think that was logistics. That was at the end of the season when we're picking up shots from different episodes and so they didn't have time to do his [tattoo]. It was 'hey, we're filming this scene in the car and now we can sneak in this shower scene in this location because the sun's going down. And [Jensen's] like,'I have to have this 30 – 40 minute application' and [they said] 'Uh, just pull the shower curtain across and do this'. It was just one of those hectic days on set when you have to do five days' work in four different locations.

      [JiB staff interrupts to say time's up.]

      J: That's so quick.

      F: Is it your choice or your stylist's to have your sideburns take over your face? [laughter]

      J: Well, now it's a beard. It's certainly not my choice. Maybe to my discredit, I don't take a whole lot of control over Sam's look, his wardrobe, his hair -

      F: [IND]

      J: I know! And I'm like [strokes his sideburns] 'Is there food in there?' [laughter] So every now and again I'll feel like they're getting a little bit – a lot – unruly.

      F: It's amusing.

      J: For me too. It'll be a couple of episodes later and I'll go to the truck to do ADR as we're filming and I'm like, yep, that's a helluva sideburn! [laughter] So I'll go back to makeup and hair [IND] 'that's gonna air next week and it's like Saturday Night Fever or something!' Alright guys, see ya!

    • "But we're just gonna stay with Thomas and stay at home."
      Mehr brauch ich nicht sagen, als das zu zitieren.
      Aber wie sie ihn auf Birmingham festgenagelt hat und man konnte richtig mitfühlen, wie er wohl nach Antworten gesucht hat. Außerdem wiederholt er sich.
      Großes Lob an den Fan - herrlich.
    • Ich habe schon so viele JIB Fotos gesehen, und irgendwie fand ich die alle wirklich richtig schlecht. Sorry. Ich denke also eher dass es an der Aufnahme liegt, und NICHT am Ausdruck. Ein anderes Ergebnis als das ausgedruckte was du hast, kann ich mir auch beim jpg nicht vorstellen
      Liebe Grüße, Tanja

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