Angepinnt 2012 VanCon - Congeflüster

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    • 2012 VanCon - Congeflüster

      proudly presents
      AUG. 24-26, 2012

      Thanks for being with us! We really appreciate your visit and we want to make sure you have the absolute best time! With that in mind a few rules to keep everyone safe:

      1) Photo taking from your seats only, do not rush the stage when guests appear.
      2) PHOTO OPS are done on a first come/first taken basis, PLEASE be on time as they move very quickly and once over we cannot repeat. There is no special placement on Photo Op line for any ticket holder, excepting Backstage VIPS who may go first.
      3) Please have your items for signature out and ready during autograph sessions. Personalizations are at the discretion of the celebrities signing. You must bring something to have signed, either something from home or a photo or souvenir from the convention.
      4) Our volunteers are here to help you and we thank them for doing so. However if you have an issue with ANYONE or ANYTHING please let us know during the convention so we can solve the problem. We can't help out if you don't tell us!
      5) Please sit ONLY in the seat you paid for.
      6) At the request of our guests, ABSOLUTELY no video or audiotaping PLEASE!
      7) Please turn cell phones off and kindly refrain from talking when a speaker or event is on stage.
      8) PHOTO OPS may be picked up in the photo op room when available, but not during a photo op session so we don't interrupt the photographer.
      10) During autographs we generally call row by row or by number. If you have trouble standing let us know, if you are in wheelchair or scooter please go with your row or by your number. THANKS!

      Thank you to our wonderful BACKSTAGE VIPS: come on backstage at anytime during the convention, we will have a schedule posted there that indicates when and where you will be meeting all our stars!



      THURSDAY, AUGUST 23rd, 2012

      Russ Hamilton's Location Tour of Vancouver. SOLD OUT!
      8:45 am: Bus is loading in COURTYARD OUT FRONT OF HOTELS, tickets and waivers collected (each attendee will be required to sign a liability waiver before boarding the bus)
      9:00 am Bus leaves hotel with Russ narrating the trip, stops made along the way at various locations
      Approximately 12:30 pm Lunch stop (lunch is supplied on a complimentary basis)
      5 pm (approximate) Bus returns to the hotel

      5 pm to 8 pm Vendors Room Set-Up/Vendors Only

      8 pm to 11 pm Vendors Room Open to Registered Patrons

      8 pm to 9:15 pm Gold Weekend Patrons Pre-Registration: a convenience not a necessity

      9:15 pm to 10 pm Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons Pre-Registration: a convenience not a necessity

      10 pm to 11 pm Registration for any patron coming the entire convention

      FRIDAY, AUGUST 24TH, 2012

      9:00 am to 10:00 am Pre-Registration for Gold Weekend Patrons, not a necessity just a convenience

      9:45 am to 10:00 am Vendors Room Set-Up/Vendors Only

      10 am to 10:40 am Pre-Registration for Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons, not a necessity, just a convenience

      10:00 am to 6:30 pm Registration, Vendors Room Open for all


      11:30 pm Music Video Convention Open

      11:35 am Kim Rhodes (Sherriff Jody Mills)

      12:25 pm Music Video Salute

      12:30 pm Supernatural YES/NO Trivia Game: Okay we have $1750 to give away to true experts in all things Winchester and Supernatural. Are YOU up for the challenge? If so just be in our audience to participate!

      ----- 12:35 pm Photo Op with Kim Rhodes for $40

      1:10 pm Demons, Angels and Creatures: A new multimedia presentation to get you in the mode for the weekend! PART ONE

      1:50 pm Music Video Salute

      1:55 pm Steve Carlson (singer/songwriter)

      2:35 pm Stage Break/intermission

      ----- 2:40 pm Photo Ops with Steve Carlson, tickets at registration for $40

      3:15 pm The Supernatural and Genre TV/Film No Minimum Bid Auction: Stake your claim to the great collectibles and stage banners all up for grabs at ridiculous low, low prices!

      4:00 pm Music Video

      4:05 pm Julian Richings ("Death")

      5:00 pm Music Video Mix

      ----- 5:05 pm Photo Op with Julian Richings, tickets at registration for $50

      5:30 pm Autographs with Julian Richings and Kim Rhodes as follows:

      Julian Richings and Kim Rhodes will be signing on a complimentary basis for both Gold and Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons (we will call row by row), followed by those with either or both of these celebrities' autographs (available at registration for $30 for Julian and $25 for Kim.

      FRIDAY 9 pm Steve Carlson in Concert

      STEVE CARLSON's music is tender, emotional and moving and it is always a total joy for us to have such a talented performer on our bill. We know the audience loves him and that makes it so much more special to have him grace our stages. Steve's concert is complimentary for our Gold Weekend Patrons (keeping your same great seats). For other, tickets are available for $20 general admission at registration or at the door! Steve will meet fans, offer his CDS, and sign autographs following his concert!

      FRIDAY 10:30 pm The Karaoke Kings Koncert, Richard Speight, Jr and Matt Cohen return to the Sixties with a special night of music and hilarity starring their 60's personas plus surprises galore! Richard usually asks that the front rows are removed for this event so it is general style non-reserved seating only. Attendance is complimentary for all our wonderful attendees! Don't forget to pick up your exclusive Karaoke Kings Duo Photo Op during the Koncert: YOU with 60's Richard and Matt in their Karaoke Kings duds. These photo op tickets are available at registration today or at the Koncert for $69. PLEASE NOTE: ANY DUO PHOTO OP WITH MATT AND RICHARD CAN BE USED AT EITHER THIS PHOTO OP OR THE REGULAR ONE OF THEM IN THEIR CONVENTION NORMAL ATTIRE.

      SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 2012

      9 am to 9:20 am Vendors Room Set-Up/Vendors Only

      9 am to 9:30 am Gold Pre-Registration (not a necessity, just a convenience if you weren't here the last two days)

      9:30 am to 10 am Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons Pre-Registration (not a necessity, just a convenience if you weren't here the last two days)

      ----- 9:25 am to 10:25 am Private Meet and Greet for TEN lucky fans with Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard. SOLD OUT In The Gulf Room D (Lower Level, N. Tower)

      9:45 am to 10 am Vendors Room Set-Up/Vendors Only
      10 am to 7 pm Registration and Vendors Room and Theatre Open for All

      10:20 am Music Video Open

      10:25 am Russ Hamilton (Location Manager for Supernatural)

      11:00 am Julie McNiven (Anna Milton)

      ----- 11:05 am Photo Op with Russ Hamilton, tickets at registration for $40

      11:40 am Music Video Presentation Mix

      ----- 11:40 am Photo Op with Mark Pellegrino, tickets at registration for $50

      12:10 pm Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard: They make being bad so good!

      ----- 1pm to 2 pm AUTOGRAPHS WITH JIM BEAVER in the VENDORS AREA. Jim will be signing for gold and siler/preferred patrons and those with his autograph ticket if you would like to get this done now. Please note that he is also signing at 2:50 pm today and at the end of the day (6:55 pm). The 6:55 pm signing is done row by row for Gold and Silver/Preferred. Autograph tickets are available at registration for $40.

      1:10 pm Music Video Presentation

      ----- 1:10 pm Photo Op with Julie McNiven, tickets at registration for $40

      1:15 pm The Supernatural Feature Film Pitch Session: OK, you are in charge and you get to pitch your idea on what a perfect feature film version of our favorite show would be. You have ONLY 45 seconds to pitch and the very best idea gets a $100 gift certificate. Originality counts and keep in mind budgeting too!

      ----- 1:30 pm Photo Op with The Great Guest Stars Duo of Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard, tickets at registration for $110

      ----- 1:50 pm Photo Op with Mark Sheppard, tickets at registration for $50

      1:45 pm Demons, Angels and Creatures: A new multimedia presentation to get you in the mode for the weekend! PART TWO

      2:10 pm Richard Speight, Jr. ("Trickster") and Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) return to Vancouver and that makes it even more fun!

      ----- 2:50 pm in the vendors area, autographs with Mark Sheppard, tickets are $35 at registration

      2:55 pm Music Video Presentation

      ----- 2:55 pm MORE AUTOGRAPHS WITH JIM BEAVER IN OUR VENDORS ROOM, please see 1pm Saturday listing for details.


      ----- 2:55 pm Photo Op with Matt Cohen, tickets at registration for $45

      ----- 3 pm to 4 pm" PRIVATE MEET AND GREET FOR TEN LUCKY FANS with MISHA COLLINS, SOLD OUT In The Gulf Rm. A (Lower Level, N. Tower)

      ----- 3:15 pm Photo Op with Sensational Supporting Stars Duo: Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen, tickets at registration for $69 (they are in their "normal" convention attire for this shoot). ANY DUO TICKET FOR RICHARD AND MATT CAN BE USED FOR THIS.

      3:30 pm The Supernatural and Genre No Minimum Bid Auction: stake your claim to great collectibles and our famous stage banners: all up for grabs in this fast paced event!

      ----- 3:30 pm Photo Op with Richard Speight, Jr., tickets at registration for $45. Please note that Richard is also doing photo ops Sunday, your ticket is good either day.

      ----- 3:50 pm Photo Op with Jim Beaver, tickets at registration for $60. Please note that Jim is doing photo ops on Sunday as well, your ticket is good either day.

      4:15 pm Music Video Presentation

      4:20 pm Jim Beaver (Bobby) and Misha Collins (Castiel) TOGETHER AND SOLO ON STAGE: SHOULD BE AWESOME!

      5:50 pm Supernatural "Stump The Experts" Trivia Game: Here audience experts are selected and the crowd gets to try to win prizes if they stump them. We have valuable gifts and certificates to bestow upon those in the know so be in the audience to play!

      ----- 5:55 pm Photo Op with Misha Collins, tickets at registration for $65

      ----- 6:00 pm Private Meet and Greet for TEN lucky fans with the duo of Matt Cohen and Richard Speight, Jr. SOLD OUT In The Gulf Room D (Lower Level, N. Tower)

      6:00 pm Supernatural Music Video Mix

      ----- 7:05 pm Photo Op with Co-Stars Jim Beaver and Misha Collins, tickets at registration for $129

      7:30 pm Autographs in the Main Theatre: with Misha, Matt, Jim, Richard, Mark Pellegrino, and Julie as follows:
      ON ONE SIDE OF THE THEATRE: Misha Collins, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr. are signing on a complimentary basis for Gold and Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons (we will call row by row) followed by those with any or all of their autograph tickets, which we will call by number and which are available at registration for $40 for Misha, and $25 for Richard and Matt. Please note that Richard will be signing tomorrow but that is only for those with their autograph ticket.

      ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE THEATRE: Mark Pellegrino and Julie McNiven are signing on a complimentary basis ONLY for Gold Patrons (we will call by row) followed by those with her autograph ticket, which we will call by number and which are available at registration for $20 for Julie and $25 for Mark Pellegrino.

      IN THE BACK OF THE THEATRE: Jim Beaver will sign on a complimentary basis for remaining Gold and Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons (we will call row by row) and those with his autograph tickets (on sale at registration for $40 and we will call by number).

      9:00 pm The famous Supernatural Costume Competition: Here's an opportunity for you to show your creative talents by entering our famous Costume Competition. Come dressed as any Supernatural character (or make up your own) and vie for audience applause and great prizes including a $250 gift certificate. Good Luck! Be in the audience at 8:30 pm to participate!

      ----- 9:30 pm Private Meet and Greet for TEN lucky fans with Jim Beaver. We have a few seats left at $200, please see registration for availability. In The Gulf Rm. A (Lower Level, N. Tower)


      THIS GOLD EXCLUSIVE PARTY IS SURE TO BE SUPER-FUN (you must have both your gold lanyard and gold wristband on to get in): come and celebrate with fellow fans and special celebrity visitors tentatively including Misha Collins, Mark Pellegrino, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr., Julie McNiven, Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard! If that is not a hot party, we don't know what is! There's a DJ, dancing, tons of fellow fans from around the globe, and a cash bar to keep things hopping. Another way that attendees can show off their love of SUPERNATURAL creatively is by entering our famous themed CENTERPIECE CONTEST! Create the very best centerpiece that touches the hearts of our judges and you might just win a special $250 Gift Certificate! Just be "GOLD" and bring your entry to the party and that's all it takes to enter (those with centerpieces kindly come up to the front of the line as we open so we can place you throughout the party room!!)

      SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2012

      SUNDAY 10:00 am to 11:45 am The Gold Exclusive Continental Breakfast and Charity Auction
      (charities selected by the guys). Starring Jensen and Jared (they will arrive at approximately 11:00 am so please arrive early enough to get your breakfast!. Once breakfast is over if you have a J & J or duo J & J photo please come to the theatre FIRST, do not go directly to photo op area. THANKS!


      11:15 am THEATRE OPENS JUST FOR FANS THAT HAVE EITHER A JARED, JENSEN OR JARED/JENSEN DUO PHOTO OP. We will bring you over to the photo op room row by row so you can relax in the theatre until it is your time. We will also have our photographer speak about how to get the best pictures taken by the guys and YOU! PLEASE NOTE: THOSE WHO PURCHASED EITHER A JENSEN OR JARED SOLO PHOTO OP OR A JENSEN/JARED DUO PHOTO OP PRIOR TO THE CONVENTION, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PRINTED OUT PDF TICKET EXCHANGED AT REGISTRATION FOR A HARD TICKET. PLEASE COME TO REGISTRATION TO HAVE YOUR PDF PRINTED OUT TICKET SCANNED AND EXCHANGED AFTER 2PM FRIDAY OR SATURDAY or if you must SUNDAY MORNING starting at 10:30 am. THANKS as this will make the photo ops smoother and more pleasant for all!

      11:15 am to 11:30 am Vendors Room set-up/vendors only

      11:30 am to 6:00 pm VENDORS ROOM OPEN TO ALL

      11:45 am Jensen Ackles – Solo photo ops , please check at registration for availability at $129, those with Jared's Private Q and A can go first.

      Noon – 12:30 pm Jared Padalecki Private Q and A – SOLD OUT In The Gulf Rm. A (Lower Level, N. Tower)

      ----- 12:05 pm to 1:30 pm AUTOGRAPHS WITH JIM BEAVER in the VENDORS AREA. Jim will only be signing today for those with his autograph ticket. Autograph tickets are available at registration for $40.

      12:35 pm Jared & Jensen Sandwich photo – Duo photo ops with the guys and YOU, limited amount of tickets available at registration as the stars have graciously given us some more time! $219 at registration.

      ----- 1:15 pm TO 2:15 pm Private Meet and Greet for TEN lucky fans with Richard Speight, Jr. We have some seats available at $175, please check with registration for availability. In The Gulf Rm. A (Lower Level, N. Tower)

      1:50 pm Jared Padalecki – Solo photo ops, those with Jensen's Private Q and A can go first. There are a few Jared photo op tickets left at registration for $129 each

      2 pm – 2:30 pm Jensen – Private Q&A- SOLD OUT In The Gulf Rm. A (Lower Level, N. Tower)

      2:15 pm to 7 pm THEATRE OPEN TO ALL ATTENDEES

      2:35 pm Music Video Open

      2:40 pm Supernatural and Sci-Fi Genre No Minimum Bid Auction: get set for some UNBELIEVABLE bargains here!

      3:20 pm Music Video Presentation

      3:25 pm to 4:25 pm Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki together LIVE on stage!

      ----- 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Jensen and Jared– Autographs, complimentary for Gold and Silver/Preferred Weekend Patrons (we wil call you up by row) followed by those with either or both of their autograph tickets (we will call by number). WE HAVE BEEN ABLETO OPEN A FEW MORE AUTOGRAPH TICKETS FOR JENSEN AND JARED FOR $99 each, PLEASE SEE REGISTRATION FOR AVAILABILITY!

      4:45 pm IN THE BACK OF THE THEATRE: Autographs with Richard Speight, Jr. for those with his autograph ticket, available at registration for $25 each (we will call by number)

      4:50 pm UPGRADES FOR 2013 CONVENTION: We're back in the gorgeous city of Vancouver next year and Jensen and Jared have graciously agreed to appear at this early date so their fans throughout the world can make their travel plans now. In this session those that signed up for 2013 (August 23-25 back here at The Sheraton Wall Centre with JENSEN AND JARED ALREADY SET) will have the opportunity to see if they can better their seat location. If you signed up and are not present we will upgrade you to a better seat if possible. At the conclusion of this session anyone else who wants to reserve for next year can do so by looking at what is taken and then picking an unreserved seat. THANKS for your continued support!

      ----- 5:20 pm Photo op with Richard Speight, Jr. ("Trickster"), tickets at registration for $45. Get this done and then please come back for autographs if applicable. If your row was called you may get immediately into line.

      5:30 pm SHARP!!! EXTRA ADDED SUPER-NEW EVENT! THE MISHA COLLINS ANNUAL VANCOUVER CRUISE: SOLD OUT! buses leave from hotel courtyard at 5:30 pm sharp! DEPARTURE FROM LOBBY FOR THE CRUISE from VANCOUVER HARBOR WITH SUPERSTAR HOST/MC MISHA COLLINS. Bus leaves hotel lobby at 5:30 pm sharp, takes you to the cruise which is a three hour full dinner cruise. Limited attendance, tickets available registration for $279,as long as they last as we have limited quantity. TOUR INCLUDES FULL DINNER BUFFET (Salmon and Chicken are the main course) with beverages and desserts. We tour around the Harbor to False Creek and back, showcasing the magnificent Vancouver skyline from every angle, including views of Stanley park, Lions Gate bridge, North Shore mountains and Canada Place. (Weather conditions if occur change itinerary somewhat)

      ----- 5:35 pm Photo Op with Jim Beaver, tickets at registration for $60. Get this done and then please come back for autographs if applicable. If your row was called you may get immediately into line.

      6 pm Richard Speight, Jr. ("The Trickster" and one of our all-time favorite guests to work with and we're covering 40 plus years of history so you know we love him as much as you do!)

      MONDAY, AUGUST 28TH, 2012

      Russ Hamilton's Location Tour of Vancouver. SOLD OUT!
      8:45 am: Bus is loading in LOBBY, tickets and waivers collected (each attendee will be required to sign a liability waiver before boarding the bus)
      9:00 am Bus leaves hotel with Russ narrating the trip, stops made along the way at various locations
      Approximately 12:30 pm Lunch stop (lunch is supplied on a complimentary basis)
      5 pm (approximate) Bus returns to the hotel

      CHECK for our full schedule of conventions!

      All guests and scheduling is tentative and subject to change. Source

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    • Supernatural Weekend

      The main attractions don't have to travel too far for this fan convention. (VanCon 2012)

      Vancouver's Sheraton Wall Centre is the venue for the latest Salute To Supernatural convention, aimed at fans of the CW series about two demon-fighting brothers starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The convention runs Friday to Sun-day, with the two stars among the cast members appearing.

      Supernatural started filming its eighth season this past July just down the road, with interiors at a south Burnaby sound stage complex, and with Vancouver and Lower Main-land locations standing in for various small-town U.S. locales.

      The show's Winchester brothers travel a fictional haunted United States in a black vintage Chevy, battling demons, werewolves, vampires, and various other terrors. READ MORE

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    • *aaargh* Bin jetzt schon ganz aufgeregt, wenn ich nur Vancon lese *:D* Bin gespannt was es alles so zu lesen geben wird.
      Liebe Grüße, Tanja

      Avatar & Sig by angel- Daaaanke für das tolle Set

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      Dystopia / März 2017
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      Dystopia 2 - April 2018

    • Misha, Vicki and West arrived in Vancouver this afternoon

      [Blockierte Grafik:]
      So - while Joel and I were at the airport waiting for another Supernaturally awesome person I look up and there is this adorable kid laying on top of a pile of luggage. I grin at him and then grin at his mom and it's Vicki! :D (I've been a fan of Vicki's writing for YEARS so I was quite thrilled!)

      Misha was in front of her but I was so focused on looking for our friend that I wasn't paying attention and I think that's why I didn't see him first. She gave me a big smile and grinned at West. Misha had a laugh with the driver and off they went :)

      Source: cha - all_spn/LJ VanCon 2012

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    • Tweet Summary Kim Rhodes' panel

      Kim Rhodes is dancing to someones Fanvid about her on stage lololol!!!! #VanCon
      #KimRhodes her fav quote she said on the show "don't make me use my mom voice" #VanCon #supernatural
      #KimRhodes apparently the person on SPN set in charge of prop weapons is a woman ...woot #VanCon #supernatural
      #KimRhodes who's most like their character? "Steven Williams" and "Jim Beaver" but not as "crusty" #VanCon #supernatural
      #KimRhodes Kim: "I'm 42" Jared: *stares awhile* "good for you" then ensued the cougar jokes #VanCon #supernatural
      #KimRhodes lol She knockd over a light on stage "they're gunna take back the whole 20 buck their paying me for this!" #VanCon #supernatural
      #KimRhodes talkin about the long pause after she & bobby kissed & then they didn't again "and the she have him head" #VanCon #supernatural

      #vancon Kim Rhodes says Sheriff Mills has a romance storyline in her heart, but she has not been asked to return yet (write letters!).
      #vancon Kim says set is testosterone-heavy, but not anti-estrogen. (And she does occasionally get distracted staring at Jensen's mouth).
      #vancon Kim says Jodie was devastated by Bobby's death.
      #vancon Kim says Jodie loved Bobby almost against her will, her love for him was very real, like he was a part of her.
      #vancon Kim sometimes wishes she were a writer, not an actor, so she could use her own words (and put her tongue in Bobby's mouth).
      #vancon Kim's blog makes her feel like part of a community and helps her connect to other people.
      #vancon Kim says Jim Beaver is not as crusty as Bobby, but just as love able. "And Mark Sheppard is evil."
      #vancon Kim considered reassuring Jared "Hi I'm not trying to fuck you" when they first worked together.
      #vancon When he heard Kim was 42 Jared was very impressed. "Good for you." Cue cougar jokes and Oedipus references.
      #vancon Jim Beaver was Kim's favorite to hang out with. And Guy Norman Bee.
      #vancon Jodie would have been destroyed by ghost Bobby because it would screw up how she processes death.
      Kim became an actor because "when you act people clap for you." #vancon
      Kim was happy with how her story progressed on the show until they didn't bring her back. #vancon
      Kim like that Jodie wasn't romantically involved with the boys. She likes female chars who blow things up & don't want to fuck them #vancon
      Kim would love for Jodie to become a full time hunter. #vancon
      Kim is most thankful she got to kiss Bobby. (For the character and as an actor). #vancon
      Kim doesn't receive fanmail. (We should get on this, guys!) #vancon
      The monster Kim would most like to face is Crowley (for 15 mins alone with him) #vancon
      Kim didn't take her pain meds the day of her surgery scene. "I got all method with that shit." #vancon

      Kim hasn't gotten word of Sheriff Mills being back on Supernatural yet. :( #VanCon #Supernatural
      "I just swear because I can...." @kimrhodes4real #VanCon #Supernatural
      Kim gets occasionally distracted staring at Jensen's mouth. #VanCon #Supernatural
      "I discovered that when you act people clap for you." @kimrhodes4real on why she became an actress. #VanCon #Supernatural
      Hahaha Kim Rhodes keeps breaking the stage. XD #VanCon #Supernatural "I am not on crack!"
      "I think children are smarter than Disney thinks they are." @kimrhodes4real #VanCon #Supernatural

      More @kimrhodes4real #vancon
      Kim just kicked the stage lights down for the second time. #vancon
      Someone left a death threat on her agents' vm back when she was working for Disney. But he left his phone# and asked her to call him #vancon
      To play the pain after Jody recovered from surgery, Kim didn't take her own pain mess. The pain was real! #vancon

      Fave place to travel: New Zealand, felt like her soul had been there before. #VanCon @kimrhodes4real
      Kim says she writes to practice being honest about her feelings #VanCon
      Kim says Steve Williams is hilarious, Jim Beaver is not as crusty in real life, and mark Sheppard is evil. #VanCon
      When Jared found out how old Kim was, he looked bak at her and said "Good for you!!" Cougar & oedipal jokes abounded #VanCon
      Jodie Mills has an impenetrable armour, but Bobby's ghost would have penetrated that. #VanCon
      Was Kim happy with the way her story was progressing? "I was, until they didn't ask me back!!" #VanCon
      If Jodie came back, would Kim like to be the sheriff or a hunter? "Are you kidding me? A hunter. Abso-fuckin-lutely." #VanCon
      Fave emotion: Kim and Jodie perspective: kissing Bobby. The emotion between them & the feeling of should they/shouldn't they. #VanCon
      Weirdest communication, someone left a msg at her agents saying he was going to kill her & left his # for her to call him back. #VanCon
      Monster he would like to face most: Crowley. "I want 15 minutes alone with that guy." #VanCon
      Not playing the page: Getting Rufus out of jail, against the morals of a sheriff, but subtext is "You got me, I'm on your side." #VanCon

      #vancon KimRhodes: not alot of BS on the set, but occasionaly i do admit i get distracted looking at Jensens mouth ;P
      #vancon kim says mark sheppard is most like his character because he is evil

      Kim Rhodes just broke the set! Onstage, kicked a light over. #Vancon

      Kim: "I would love to see a female character on the show who can blow shit up and says 'I DON'T want to fuck you!" #vancon

      Kim #vancon

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    • Tweet Summary Steve Carlson's Panel

      Naficeh ‏@Naficeh
      The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! #VanCon #Supernatural
      Sounds like Jensen's helped Steve write a bunch of songs on his album. #VanCon #Supernatural
      Steve wishes Jensen would use his musical talent more. Because he's really good at what he does. #VanCon #Supernatural
      Steve and Jensen mesh really well when collaborating. #VanCon #Supernatural
      Steve went to culinary school and in the future would like to open restaurants. #VanCon #Supernatural
      OMG. Jared video taped Jensen and Steve recording. #VanCon #Supernatural
      The Supernatural AV trailed caught fire a week after Steve and Jensen recorded in it! #VanCon #Supernatural
      There's a music video already filmed for the song Jensen sings on the new album! #VanCon #Supernatural
      Steve is working on a musical too. XD #VanCon #Supernatural

      Chocho ‏@chokousei
      Steve called Jensen "J" #VanCon
      There will be a music vedio of Steve and Jensen part of it was recorded by Jared #VanCon

      DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine
      Steve talked about his degree in culinary arts. Fan suggested Creation Ent do a "Cooking With Steve" segment. He's visualizing it! #VanCon
      Steve and Jensen recorded a song for the new album in the #Supernatural ADR truck between takes! #VanCon

      source: all_spn/LJ

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    • Tweet Summary and Pics Julian Richings' Panel

      DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine
      Julian Richings takes the stage! #vancon
      Julian is talking about how amazing the fandom is but sometimes people are intimidated to approach "Death"! #vancon
      Julian gets a huge cheer when he says #Canada is his favourite place in the world. #vancon
      Julian's advice to an aspiring actor is to keep going. If you act, act and if you become famous it's a bonus. #VanCon
      People are always surprised that Julian smiles and is nice! But he says bad guys have the most fun! #VanCon
      If Julian was a Horseman in real life, he'd be pretty happy to be Death! And if he was a Shakespearian villain it would be Iago #VanCon
      While Julian doesn't have a specific favourite character he's played, Death is definitely one he's enjoyed the most. #VanCon
      Almost at the end of his panel, Julian's just realized he's on the big screen by the stage with a loud "Oh it's ME!" exclamation! #VanCon

      Bree ‏@bree__black
      Julian's been acting for 30 years but SPN is the first time he realized how powerful a fan base can be. #vancon
      Julian's fave line is "I'm old." because it's an excuse and a threat. #vancon
      Julian plays a lot of death-related characters but it's hard to top SPN's. #vancon
      Julian does a lot of his own stunts because his bone structure makes it hard to cast a stunt double. #vancon
      Julian finds it hard to learn lines because he thinks about whole scenes. #vancon
      Julian's greatest fear as an actor is "flopping," forgetting his lines. #vancon
      Julian got to know Misha on set and feels like he doesn't have spectacular antics by comparison. #vancon
      Julian doesnt know if Death will return. #vancon
      Julian thinks his character works because he hasn't been overused, but he would like to come back. #vancon
      Julian would like Death to kill "stupid little soldier" Castiel. Or do a song and dance routine. #vancon
      Julian's last meal would be a beer and Stilton cheese. #vancon
      Julian's fave character is Dean, and he likes working with Jensen. Admires that he's figured out to pace himself in eating scenes. #vancon
      If he could be a Horseman IRL he would stick with being Death bc he's the most powerful. #vancon
      Julian reminds us actors don't have a lot of choice of roles to take. They'll take roles even if they're not very good. #vancon
      Julian likes getting to play with his accent on SPN. #vancon

      Colette ‏@SuperntralAngel
      #vancon JuilanRichings: spn was the first tvshow where he was recognized on the street after acting for 35 years

      Kat ‏@FiercelyNormal
      Julian was recently filming a tv adaption of The Transporter. #vancon

      Naficeh ‏@Naficeh
      One of Julian's favourite movies is Night of the Hunter. #VanCon #Supernatural
      "Wow this is so good for my ego..." Julian on all the compliments. #VanCon #Supernatural

      Kaitlyn Neely ‏@KJNeely
      #JulianRichings he takes "fantastically creepy" as a complement :) #VanCon #supernatural
      #JulianRichings he didn't know he was going to drive the white Cadillac until he saw it on set, his first day #VanCon #supernatural
      #JulianRichings how hard is it to keep a straight face when acting around Jared, Jensen & Misha? "...very" lol #VanCon #supernatural
      #JulianRichings about filming war of the worlds "we would shoot them with this thing that looked like a dill pickle" #VanCon #supernatural
      #JulianRichings talking about how his costume (which was sorta just towel) caught fire on stage.. Then he was naked. #VanCon #supernatural

      Kim Picard-Dufresne ‏@KimPDufresne
      Jensen got a leaf flying to his face; Julian got a journal flying to his face. #VanCon #Supernatural

      source: all_spn/LJ

      Pictures: VanCon 2012 - 'Death' aka Julian Richings' Panel

      DNM Magazine - More Pics Oh, Death: Vancouver Supernatural Convention
    • Tweet Summary and Pics Karaoke Party

      Christine Szabo ‏@paintinglass
      Death is doing karaoke. Only at #VanCon.

      Melanie Bibko ‏@potato_crisp
      Richard is Matt's seamstress #Vancon
      Matt's pants keep popping open #Vancon
      Mark P is singing Big Balls as per the usual

      Spiderbait ‏@PadfootPanda
      OMFG #JulianRichings Death is Karaoke KickAss

      Well the devil just showed up. Must be a good party ;)

      DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine
      So Death, Lucifer, and Gabriel walk into a con... #VanCon
      Dude. Asia. #VanCon

      Kaye Bauer ‏@samjacklover
      They are all singing sweet transvestite from rocky horror picture show!!! #vancon

      Naficeh ‏@Naficeh
      Mark's singing Sweet Transvestite!

      Pictures DNM Magazine Lucifer Has Big Balls: Supernatural Convention Karaoke
    • Tweet Summary Julie McNiven's Panel

      Bree ‏@bree__black
      Julie misses Supernatural because she liked having a "drastic" character act. #vancon
      Julie's most fun stunt was hand to hand combat with Amy in her last episode, though she was sore after. She added in a Matrix move. #vancon
      To prepare for the role Julie did a lot of research, but didn't matter once she saw the script because it came down to basic acting. #vancon
      Julie argues that Anna never went bad, because she was trying to save one man to save the world. #vancon
      Sorry, KILL one man to save the world. Typos when tired. #vancon
      Julie v impressed with special effects final results of her shooting. #vancon
      Each version of the script Julie received had a more dramatic burning to death scene. #vancon
      Julie would bring Anna back by having her pop up in the back of the car and surprise everyone. #vancon
      Julie has made a lot of good friends through her work on SPN. #vancon
      Anna originally had only 2 episodes and died at the end. Julie found out she would return at the end of filming her second ep. #vancon
      The first few episodes Julie did with Misha she had the impression he was really serious. #vancon
      "It's a job...I'm not a fan of his, I'm a friend of his...Sex scenes aren't fun, people." #vancon
      Julie hadn't done a sex scene before SPN, and didn't know if she was supposed to use tongue. #vancon
      Julie really does want to come back to SPN because it's so fun. #vancon
      Julie liked playing an empowered strong woman who will break the rules to do what's right. Often she's cast as sweet, not badass. #vancon
      Julie finds that in the last half of her 20s she became more empowered, and playing Anna could be part of that. #vancon
      Julie's going to Google fan vids later #vancon
      Julie doesn't think Anna regrets killing Uriel. "He was going to kill Cas!" #vancon
      Julie would love to be on Breaking Bad, but she doesn't fit the roles. "I could be a meth head, I really could!" #vancon

      Naficeh ‏@Naficeh
      "Awwww thank you for awwwing!" -Julie #VanCon #Supernatural
      How do you stay professional when making out with someone that gorgeous? (Car scene) "Follow his lead, no tongue." #VanCon #Supernatural
      Hahahaha Jensen wasn't even in the car during the hand on the fogged up window scene. XD #VanCon #Supernatural
      Ohhh Julie has a nice voice. She just sang a little bit of Carry On. #VanCon #Supernatural
      Julie's seen a picture with her and Matt Cohen as Ariel and Prince Eric. SO CUTE. #VanCon #Supernatural
      Julie would want to be on Sons of Anarchy.

      Heather ‏@DearHeartxoxo
      Julie giggling about the car scene with Jensen. XD #VanCon
      *Julie makes the notion of running her hand down the window* LOLOL! #VanCon
      Julie says Jared and Gen were flirty on set for "Heaven and Hell". XD #VanCon

      Emilie ‏@emilie_kjm
      "I wasn't sure whether to tell him or not..." oh Julie, you're so sweet. Tongue or no tongue... #vancon

      Kaitlyn Neely ‏@KJNeely
      #JulieMcNiven haha! She didn't know during rehearsals she didnt actually need to kiss #VanCon #supernatural

      Colette ‏@SuperntralAngel
      #vancon Julie: during the sex car scene for the hand part she was fully clothed and pretending to hump herself xD

      Kaye Bauer ‏@samjacklover
      @Juliemcniven says that anna felt no remorse for killing Uriel #vancon
      @Juliemcniven thinks becky is halarious.

      Emilie ‏@emilie_kjm
      I'd love to be on breaking bad! -Julie #vancon

      DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine
      Julie wants to be on Sons of Anarchy but they only want "Porn stars and titty girls"... *looks down at chest* #VanCon

      source: all_spn/LJ