Angepinnt Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Sunset on the Beach Premier September 26th

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    • Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Sunset on the Beach Premier September 26th

      So happy that CBS has announced it early compared to S3.


      For the fourth year in a row, Hawaii fans of “Hawaii Five-0” will be treated to a “Sunset on the Beach” red-carpet preview of the crime show’s new season.
      The outdoor screening will be held Sept. 26 at Waikiki Beach across from the Honolulu Zoo. The Thursday screening will come one day before “Five-0” starts airing on its new day and time — 8 p.m. Fridays.

      “Five-0” and CBS have hosted Sunset on the Beach premieres before each of the previous seasons and the event annually attracts thousands of fans, including some who travel to Hawaii specifically to see the event. Not only are they treated to the episode before the rest of the country, but also to a red-carpet arrival of the show’s stars who dress to impress at the beachside screening.

      “Sunset On The Beach is one of those awesome perks of this job that I never take for granted,” said Peter Lenkov, the show’s executive producer. “For three seasons now we’ve been blessed with incredible support from not just local fans, but fans from all over the globe who come to Hawaii to attend the event. I know no better way to launch a new season than to kick off the slippers, roll your feet in the sand and watch the first episode with 10,000 of your closest friends and family.”

      The show has been on hiatus since mid-April. Production will resume July 10 at the show’s new headquarters — the state film studio at Diamond Head.

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